Bmw OL code “invalid” (Region specific?)


Just got an email from my dealer than an OL code I just received 2 days ago is invalid. My test drive event was in CA and the lease will be in PA.

Are these codes region-specific? My understanding was that the bmw portion ($500) was not. Thanks for any advice. I searched and didn’t see anything related to this

Yes it’s region specific, however @Electric was recently able to use an OL code from the west in Texas.

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Thx. Sent him a PM. I’d love to get this sorted out. Much appreciated

I believe technically they are limited to a specific region but I think the dealer can push to get them approved on a one off basis. Likely comes down to how much effort they want to do on their end including talking to their rep. I had some local dealers say yes and some said no to the same west coast OL code.

Thx. That’s kind of what I figured. I’ll ask them to push a little harder.

How do you find out it’s invalid? Do they only check upon sale? I used mine in the Midwest and it’s from a CA event I attended. Seems like they took it and applied discount to my order sheet but no clue if they will punch in the code at delivery time when I pay and reject it. That would suck.

I have a screen shot from the dealer after he actually tried to enter it. So, you better make sure your dealer did the same. Otherwise, you COULD (not will, necessary) have an issue at pickup.

I am picking up in 3 days

Anyone have an OL code I could try? Signing a 330i loaner today, will post the deal later today. @Ironmikey12 sent you a pm if you still have that West coast code. Signing in Dallas today.

Aren’t these linked to a person (Ie, me)?

@Ironmikey12 Maybe others can chime in. I was just going to provide them the code and see what happens. The dealer has been helpful in getting the best deal, I’m sure they’d try it if I said, here is a code.

I actually had a dealer who didn’t accept a code issued by another dealer within the same metro area in Arizona. They didn’t even want to give me $500 or the BMW portion. However, it’s possible that my sales associate was incompetent and didn’t feel like trying too hard. I didn’t push too much because we were off on the price.