BMW - Nothing is here, really

bmw cash in $$$$$ n $$$ Nd so


Good deal! Please pm dealer info please. Thanks

Can you pm me the deal also

Really good deal. Well done

Please pm me info as well. Thank you.

That’s honestly an amazing deal. I would jump on that right now if it was offered to me.

What was the price difference for 36 months?

You put MSD down? Those numbers don’t make sense without it.

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awesome deal! please pm dealer information to me as well! :slight_smile:

This is an incredible deal - well done.

Oh ok, thought the selling price included incentives, looks like the selling price was BEFORE incentives. That is going to be a hard deal to repeat. Congrats.

Wow, this is an amazing deal.

So how did you get them to give you the deal? Sharing the info would be much appreciated.

can you pm the dealer info please?

Looks like an amazing deal!

Probably helpful to know if the car is new or used.

aren’t most of those rebates not usable with a demo or is that east coast only?

Omg thats a no brainer deal!! congrats! just sign my 330e with 400 a month… could’ve get this one … but oh well… enjoy!

solid deal, congrats brother! gorgeous ride too, enjoy it! :wink:

Absolutely ridiculous deal.

I had exactly the same car (same msrp) for 595 plus some out of pocket and that was a great deal. How the hell did you score this.