BMW New Car Programs (and Retired Loaners with < 5k miles) - UPDATED 3/1/2019



All customers will have the same opportunity as what only grandfathered MSD customers had the 2nd half of 2018.

I’m sure any left over new MY18 4’s will go into service loaner status and any retired loaners wil lstill make great purchases since they still get lower rates, maintenance and APR/Loyalty credits.


Any idea when the 2019 3 series start rolling in to your dealership?


@BMW_Dave Do all X5 incentives in your list apply to loaners and demos below 5k miles?


Just sent you an email on an X2 I am interested in. Thanks


@BMW_Dave seeing rumors that the Fleet Program has returned for 2019. Any truth to this?


Hi Dave, emailed you last night about an i3.


I am a little confused with the USAA changes. Has it gone down to 250 on leases or is it 1,000.


Looks like BMW CCA removed the I3 $1000 rebate as well…Damn December was definitely the best time to pick the 18s up


Lease or buy through BMWFS = $250
Buy outside BMWFS (Cash or your own bank) = $1,000


Yes, it’s back for 2019.


Is it any better than it was, or is it the same as USAA?


It’s back to how to use to be. Employees will have to log in through their employer’s website.

They fill out the form and present it to a dealership.

It’s not stackable with anything and ends up being worse than a customer with Loyalty but better otherwise.


RE: Corporate Fleet - Yes it is back but it is very detailed and I wasn’t going to get into this until I have time to create a whole new grid as the discounts are off MSRP and specific to each model

I’m trying to get back to all pending emails this morning but I will provide more info later. Just know that BMW Client Advisors (including myself) do NOT have the capability to look up what companies are eligible at this time. I have no idea how this is going to work out but I just know that the customer will have to get the two qualification codes directly from their employer. :roll_eyes:


Wasn’t the whole idea of suspending in Q4 to make the program better? Sounds like it’s more of a hassle now than it ever was, including more work for CAs :thinking:


Is the $1000 online code different from BMW CCA rebate?

Can everyone qualify for CCA rebate by buying their $134 membership?

Looking to get an X2


I heard BMW is cracking down on dealers sharing “distressed” pricing because profits are so bad, if this is true then we should enjoy this information while it lasts :money_mouth_face: :rofl:


Can loyalty and lease credits be combined? Effectively having $3k for 5 series?


Yes they can 0202020


That’s a lot of loyalty money for 4 series.


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