BMW New Car Programs (and Retired Loaners with < 5k miles) - UPDATED 3/1/2019



I tried to but I couldn’t post anything. After reading the title of this thread I thought it was the correct location to post it on. Didn’t know this wasn’t a general thread for BMW Loaner Lease. I’ll delete my post.




I just do not understand why the tax is $2000; if the tax rate is say 9.5% on the $1000 cap reduction, the tax on that cap reduction is $95, not $2000




Where do you get 2000 tax on 1000 cap reduction? I don’t see him stating that anywhere.


I just put it here, hope Dave doesn’t mind. Don’t know if it’s anything special.

Chevrolet Bonus Tag Leases

Any news when you’ll be getting the '19 3 series?


No dealers are getting that till end of July, ove been waiting for it myself. But I may just get a 24 month lease now and trade it in half year earlier in 2020 for a 2019 340. Could also probabsly get a bargain


Wow how did I miss this? And I’ve been looking for a car for two weeks and nobody at bmw at no dealer told me about this


It was the same deal since the beginning of the month. No different for Black Friday other than the x6 got an extra 1k I believe.


Ok, sorry for being “that guy” but anybody know anything about December support? I suspect it won’t come out before Monday but where does that leave deals that are made today – November numbers or what?



You can get residual and base incentives from Bmwusa


Looks like Nov numbers are running through tomorrow. Dec will be released Monday.


There’s always gotta be someone that starts right? :laughing: @mp11477 is correct. November programs run through 12/02. We’ll see updates on Monday. I should be able to update this thread by mid-afternoon. It takes a little bit to edit my spreadsheet and type out the next month post. And god forbid I have a morning appointment on Monday. Hahaha!

:christmas_tree: Happy December everyone! :christmas_tree:


Thanks Dave. Anybody care to crystal ball it - my guy is urging me to close my deal today as he is “pretty confident” based on his experience that BMWFS will dramatically reduce the deal in December - either through MF/residual/and/or incentives on the 530e. I suspect he’s blowing smoke but I have no idea


The last 3 years there’s been no change from Nov to Dec as far as residuals and rebates. But the last 12 months there’s been a steady and consistent increase to the MF due to rising rates. How much of a risk taker are you? :thinking:


Hmm interesting, will their be any new deals starting next week being that it’s December now?


Gotta wait till Monday to find out. Residuals + lease cash will probably stay the same for the most part. MF May increase though. That’s my educated guess.


I concur. Residuals and rebates will stay the same but MF might go up.


thanks guys. I decided to roll the dice and wait for December numbers. We’ll see…


Can’t wait to see posted December #’s