BMW money factor mark up - dealer system

Hi Hackers,

I recently worked on a 3 series and there is always a difference on monthly payment between the calculator here and the dealer’s system. I saw the dealer put in 0.00133 as money factor into their system but the monthly payment is always ~20 bucks more expensive. They don’t take the offer from lease hacker calculation and claim their system is the source of truth.

Did BMW dealer mess up with their system to mark up the money factors? When the dealer enter 0.00133, they somehow calculate based on a higher money factor it seems like. I also happened on my last lease and I just let it go, but running into the same issue twice makes me want to get to the bottom of this.

They are allowed to mark up 0.0004. Their system is not messed up, it’s just extra profit for them.


It seems it’s hard pressed to get anything lower than max m.f. in the Bay Area.

Saw your offer, I guess you get 0.00133 after 7 MSD?

After MSD it’s like 0.00105 from max mf of 0.00133

Who cares what they use? Set your target price assuming buy rate, and if they get to your target price while marking up the mf, good for them. If they don’t get to your target price, but give you buy rate, it doesn’t matter.


Yes. I didn’t ask about what m.f. once. Dealer actually made a mistake I gave offer listing incentives and max MSD. Dealer responded with drive off and monthly. When I ran my card I asked about MSD. the finance guy said deal had no MSD. He ripped up the contract and added it saving me $700 more. He was so nice he let me charge $5000 on credit card.

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