BMW military incentive- June 2024

BMW is offering what appears to be special incentives for military members on most models (variable depending on model, up to $5000) from June 3- July 1. This incentive can be stacked on top of any other offer, except the Corporate Sales program.

Looking through the marketplace, it seems there may be an opportunity to use this on a few models (iX, 5series) to score a nice deal. Any other models to consider?


I was looking at the military incentive today. I qualify due to my husband being a veteran. The incentive is just very vague $500-$5,000. Ive been looking at the X4 m40i, I’m actually going this weekend to test drive it.

Any idea on how they determine how much you qualify for ?

At the top of the screen, above the image is text that will tell you. You’ll see it as the page loads, and then for some reason it auto-hides, and you have to click to expand.

If you lease or finance through BMW with the promo rates, it’s generally $500. If you finance elsewhere, it can be more. Looks like $3,000 for the X4.

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