BMW makes CarPlay free

Saw this blurb last night; more nickel and diming from BMW masked as consumer choice. This brand gets less appealing each year to me, amazing!

This sounds better than paying for it upfront and not using it, let’s say you’re getting a car off the lot that already has it. With a 3 year lease it works out to $160 since the first year is free, I believe I paid $300 for mine out of factory. But I do agree that the brand seems less appealing, especially that other brands offer it for free.

The way I see it, if you leased, you didn’t actually pay the full cost of the equipment. Assuming with a residual of 50% on a car you are paying $150 of it over 3 years for the feature. The free year basically makes this a break even but it is now another bill to manage, possible service issues to deal with etc.

As a side note the Apple integration in BMW is somewhat half-ass because it doesnt cover the whole screen its only 2/3 and then you get the useless 3rd blank space on the right side of the screen, I hope it fills the screen on other cars. But a big benefit is its wireless integration but I am sure other manufactures will follow at this point.

Why am I not surprised. BMW seems to be quite daring on their approach to sell or not to sell cars these days. With the new Camry and Accord being more sporty, sales of the suffering 3 series will take a hit. Plus BMW’s driving softer, less driver oriented as well. More and more crossover SUV’s offering more for the money as well. Time will tell.

While I agree with you and have thought the 3 series was always kind of disappointing car (except the M trim) I can’t see it ever competing with camry or accord. People want the badge and status it says, there’s just a common perception of a luxury verse non-luxury.

I think people shopping for camry/accord would cross shop a 320i, but not the other way around for 330/340 buyers. Instead of nerfing the 3-series in general, it would’ve been a lot smarter for BMW to create a 0 series “nerf edition” car like benz did with the CLA, and maintain the 3’s reputation as a driver’s car. Unimpressive 3 series, no MSDs, and Carplay subscription? No thanks.


I have CarPlay on mine and I find it pretty useless. We are limited to certain apps only, I dislike the Apple map, can’t use google map, can’t use the Waze app, and I have to get the navigation option in order to get CarPlay. Unlike the Camry/Accord we can get CarPlay and not require to get the navigation option. My CarPlay end in 2030 and if BMW start charging for subscription then I’ll gladly save the 300 dollar carplay option. Only thing I like is it’s wireless as to plugging it in with other.

I made sure my order did not include CarPlay. It’s a waste in my opinion.

How much will they charge for AC, the steering wheel and seats per year? Or are those included in the luxury package?


Hate s ubscriptions, BMW is annoying

I’ve read that CarPlay is available on all BMW models except the i3 and i8, but the Apple website doesn’t mention the X1. Does anyone with an X1 have CarPlay working?

Apple’s list is old. They only have 2017 BMW models listed. CarPlay is available in MY 2018 X1.

So now they charge $300 for CarPlay and it comes down to $100 each year of a lease, plus you don’t get a first year for free. Unless you keep your car for more than 3 years, but I don’t do that.

But overall, it’s stupid. CarPlay is just a software option on all iDrive 5.0 and above. I don’t get it why making this so complicated, just give it for free.

Depending on the residual at the time you buy, you may only pay 40-45% of the $300. Seems like everyone is better off without this idiocy.

Right exactly, it’s not apples to apples comparing the old $300 cost because on a lease you aren’t paying that amount for it anyway.

That’s pretty arrogant and I don’t care how good BMWs drive I would not get one just for that reason if I were an iPhone owner.

Well this is the company that has a $475 option for folding rear seats in a $35,000 vehicle. It would be hard for them to stoop much lower but they managed to do it and I’m sure the best is still yet to come.

Talking about crazy stuff - just saw that MB has a $460 option for Sirius, that I wouldn’t need, anyway.

LOL. Can’t wait to see!

I have recent experience with “entry-level luxury” and can confirm that no one should be driving 3er, C-Class, A4, etc. because they are now a total waste of money unless you score a great lease deal. 10 years ago, 20 years ago these cars had a distinct “feel” to them that separated them from the mainstream competition, but with tech advances and shared platforms and parts, the value just isn’t there anymore.

Just get the Camry.