BMW maintenance costs?

So its quite known that bmw’s have high maintenance costs but after looking on forums I haven’t been able to get #s on possible costs for 4th year onwards maintenance (after 3 years free maintenance expires). So… as this forum is known for BMW heads who have owned plenty… what have you spent on your maintenance costs?

Reason for asking … buying the new m3 and selling after 5-6 years is probably going to end up cheaper than leasing. So i am looking for more insight on operating costs after 3 years maintenance ends

Just sell it before the warranty runs out and hope you never get in an accident(bad carfax tanks resale, more so on a niche car)

I am pretty sure BMW dealers offer extended warranty plans at an additional cost. I would suggest checking out some BMW forums or you could contact a dealer for pricing. It could be pricey for an M3, but you might be better off prepaying vs paying out of pocket for maintenance. It can get expensive on an M car. You need to weigh the pros and cons.

You could also look into a third party extended warranty. BMW’s programs are pretty freakishly expensive. Fidelity has a very competitive set of products that are much cheaper and sometimes more comprehensive than the BMW warranty (they also just contract out to a third party).

My father in law got this for his 2016 M5 the full platinum package for about 3500 for 3 years/36k—pricing depends on age/mileage. The warranties are typically good at most national dealers. The contact who brokered the policy is below and is one of the best is my understanding.

Troy Dietrich
Factory Discount Warranty
Toyota & Ford of Greenfield
Fathers & Sons Audi & Volkswagen

Tel. 413-772-0989
Fax. 413-774-2247

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Honestly wouldn’t buy a BMW or Merc to have more than the warranty period. I’ve had a leased X5 for the past year and a half.

The only warranty problem I’ve had has been that in the first two months, two of the speakers had distortion and needed to be replaced. However, those speakers were part of the $4200 Bowers and Wilkins setup so, if not under warranty, the replacement cost would’ve hurt.

Buying a first year German vehicle is asking for headaches. If you’re set on it, I’d suggest waiting to buy it year 2.