Bmw maintenance - brakes?

Believe the answer is yes, but does anyone know whether brake maintenance is covered for a 2016 bmw, i.e. would they replace brakes for free? Thanks very much!

@aronchi if you are the original owner/leasee and less than 4 years/50k miles from original in service date, then yes.

Thanks, i thought so too. Brakes feel like they’re shot at 20k miles.

Does bmw include maintenance on all leased vehicles including loaners?

Yes, but beginning in 2017, it covers oil changes and filters (oil, engine, cabin air filter) only. It’s for 3/36 from the date the dealer put the car into service as a loaner (not the day you bought it). It no longer covers brake pads.

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BMW also now claims that brake service should replace rotors along with pads, and that it could be considered a required maintenance expense prior to turn in, so they will want to upsell you on the additional service package which adds the brake coverage + extends to 4 yrs / 50k. I did it for our 3 yrs / 45k lease. Not sure if it will end up being worth it or not, but the price seemed reasonable.

Ah, here’s the details. UltimateCare+1.

Thanks, everyone! Looking forward to getting a nice 530i loaner for a couple of days to use on deliveries to clients!!

Where did you see this?

Basically the same as described below - just part of the options presented when we signed the lease with finance. They give you an iPad and have you review things. When discussing pros & cons, finance guy stated that all service is based on whatever the computer tells them and that when brakes show as due, they replace both pads + rotors. I’m not sure I buy it, but for us, we are doing a 45k mile lease, so just took the Ultimate + 1 to cover us through anything for ~$1,500. Sort of silly to add on $40/month at last minute, but got a pretty good deal, and now don’t have to worry about anything maintenance related due to the program cutbacks and extended mileage on the lease.

I had pads replaced on a 535i on all 4 corners by a reputable Indy for $500 and this was in a metro area where labor rates are pretty high. Some of my friends in other parts pay close to half the labor rate (so total < $400) or do it themselves.

Anyway I’d like to see where BMW is allowed to charge for rotors just because pads needed changing.

Thanks for the timely info guys, taking moms X1 for its 1st service @3,400miles after 15 months.

I haven’t pulled/had the need to pull the wheels on mine yet. Is it that much more difficult to change the pads on a BMW vs a Chevy, or are you just paying extra for the OEM parts? In other words, if you have the ability to toss a set of pads and rotors on a Chevy axle in an hour with a couple beers in the backyard, could you reasonably do the same with a Bimmer?

Yeah the effort isn’t all that different AFAIK…OEM or OEM+ quality parts are a bit more expensive than mainstream brands