BMW M8 lease in 2021

Hey all,

My current F-type lease is set to expire in June. I’m trying to figure out what my next lease will be. I will likely end up hiring a broker to assist but wanted to see if M8 leases look to even be passable in 2021 from what you have seen.

I saw quite a few decent M8 leases towards the end of last year but most seem to have dried up between then and now.

I’m in Texas so will likely have to be paying sales tax on the lease (ugh), but taking the tax part of the equation, are the days of the $1 to 1.2k/month M8 leases a thing of the past?

@IAC is your go to for Texas brokers.

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BMW discontinued the M8 coupe for the 2021 model year, so it’s really a question of how much inventory dries up between now and then on the 2020’s.

If there are still a bunch left on the lots come late Spring, then I can certainly see BMW extending lease support on these into the summer, just like they did on the MY '19 8-Series in 2020.

Now whether you’ll be able to score something equal or better than some of the terrific deals we saw on launch cars last year is anyone’s guess. My hunch would say yes…these will be $130k+ paperweights that come June will have been sitting on dealer lots for 1.5 years…


Thanks for the info. I wasn’t aware that there won’t be 2021 M8 Coupes

I may start searching a bit sooner than anticipated (and also reach out to @IAC for some assistance).

Best deal I saw posted last year was 157k m8 convertible for $900/mo +taxes/fee from nyclife… nothing has come close to that since. But I do suspect bmw will have to do more deals on these come march/april

Yeah I recall some pretty crazy deals. I’m not looking for a unicorn. Just something reasonable. Here’s hoping some juicy deals pop up on the remaining 2020 models in the next few months.

I think a lot of people are waiting for late spring hoping to score one for under a G. I def am!

I’m at 1.2kish with no deposits + tax. The big ticket deals I can remember have been the first editions cars that had massive amounts of money behind them from BMWFS.

BMW programs shut the bed since then. Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to come back.

Programs aren’t nearly as strong anymore. BMWs aren’t the great leases they were a year or 2 ago, sans a few loaners here and there

I wouldn’t hold my breath they are going to do much. The spigot has tightened. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so

Hi James, any ideas on if the 2020’s will lose lease support at the end of this month?

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