BMW M550i incentives

I’m looking at leasing a 2019 M550i demo.

Question - if I don’t qualify for loyalty or grad, what is the best incentives combo I can hope to get? I do qualify for corp sales and conquest. I believe corp sales is $4500 lease credit but it cannot be combined with anything else. Otherwise I believe there is $3500 lease credit which can be combined with $1000 conquest, so that looks to be identical. Are there any other things I should look at to get more then $4500 in incentive on a M550i demo?

I got an OL code however it seems to be for different region (southern), are OL codes region specific, and can they be applied to demo vehicles? Also my understanding is BMW CCA rebate isn’t available for demos either.

Last question, is 36/10 or 24/10 lease more favorable? I believe residual is 60% for 36/10, not sure what it is for 24/10.

If you use Corporate Sales Program you can’t get the CCA rebate. For me, Conquest + CCA was better than CSP.

Both questions could’ve been answered with a search;

  1. YMMV whether or not a dealer in a different region will accept. Some will accept all, some will only give you BMWs share (500) and not provide their 500, others will not accept at all.

  2. OL codes can be used on Demos under 5k miles. Check the fine print to see which vehicles are excluded.

66% for 24/10. As far as which is better…the larger the total discount, the more favorable a 24 month term is. Less of a discount makes 36 months better. Use the calculator to see how much discount, including incentives, you need to make 24 months better and figure out if it’s realistic and attainable by searching previous recent deals in the marketplace.

Conquest, standard lease credit everyone gets and an OL code. You will have to ask the dealer what fleet is on that car as it’s unpublished, and determine if that works out better than standard incentives.

You can’t do CCA with a demo either, so if he’s looking at one, that won’t work.

OP seemed to have already consumed that information. :slight_smile: