BMW M5 Lease Deal in Texas


I’ve been in the market for a few months now. Trying to find the best deal on an M5 comp. But I couldn’t find anything interesting. The best deal I could find was out in California on a 2019 M5 (non-comp) MSRP 138,xxx (fully loaded). With 14XX miles (demo) for $1150/month with $3000 down. I thought it was a good deal but I didn’t like the color combo. Ever since then, I’ve got a lot of numbers from different dealerships but nothing less than $1450/month with first payment down.

Asking for help!!

Let me know if anyone can find me a good deal on an M5 comp. I’m in Houston Tx. Eligible for loyalty. Open to colors (prefer white or black).

@IAC are the only broker IK based out of TX.

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Sorry dude! I forgot, I associate you with Florida, and sandwiches. Bacon is awesome too, and he has a M4CS you might like which is KILLER.

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I joke!!!

I know it is weird with Florida and Texas and some other areas!!

Yep and inventory is getting tight with the performance cars!

What’s the deal on M4cs?

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@Muhammad_I Includes loyalty and TX tax. 499 broker fee, and shipping at cost.


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Yeah that blue was an interesting color, @osiq look another one who tried for that m5. We should start a club.

But yeah $1300-$1400 seems to be on par for comps, texas tax pretty much adds another $100 on top of that. A base + jb4 will be more than what a comp makes in terms of hp… you won’t get some of the goodies that the comp offers but it’s not gonna be a ballbreaker on the street. Good luck in the hunt, I’ll add another vote for iac, electric really knows his stuff.

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Some lucky hackr must’ve picked that up :laughing:

OP - this sounds like a Wanted ad.

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No “Wanted Ads” threads allowed. Search the Marketplace for deals.