BMW M4 - Is this a good deal? $667/mo $5000 DAS 36 mo. 15K

Looking at a 2019 M4 comp package, $76K MSRP. Is this a good deal?

I would aim for an M4cs they are leasing great his is an example of a really good deal. Effective would have been $600~ with $5000 down

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Only 7% discount. Very bad deal.

I edited your title to reflect the fact that it has $5000 DAS. That’s an awful deal

That’s what I thought. The dealer wasn’t listening very closely when I set up the deal…zero down… no worries, I’ll just keep driving my 550.

If it was zero down, I’d have done it.

I would like to know how far this is from being a good deal. My thought is about $3-$4K. Comments?

It’s confirmed that $5K total is due at signing. The payment seems reasonable for 36/15K on a M4 comp pkg, so I think it’s just a matter of them reducing the sale price $3-$4K (which they likely won’t do…).

I’ll keep hunting, but your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry to keep repeating myself on this forum but $5k due at signing on a lease is just not a good idea in any circumstance. That is all money you could lose if the car gets totaled (even if it’s not your fault) or stolen.

Indeed. Unless the payment is $5K/mo or it’s a onepay lease there’s zero real reason to put that much money up front.

I also like the $1,952.75 charge for “non-tax fees”. There’s a line item! Nothing suspicious about that!

The non-tax fees includes items like plates ($1,000/yr here in MN) and other state items.

It seems that most leases on the forum have first month DAS, plus about $1K of other charges (and sometimes a $600 broker fee). In total, about $2K. This lease is about $5K, so my goal was to get another $3-$4K off…in order to make it good enough to move on.

If I roll the $5K into payments, it ends up at $805/mo, which is just over the 1% rule. So I agree this could be better.

Don’t focus too much on the 1% rule on a car which on its last production year. Check out M4CS deals people are getting.