BMW M340i xdrive lease deal - thinking about signing

Was offered this deal on a custom order, thinking about signing it. They originally jacked up the money factor significantly so it took a bit of haggling to get them down to this point, and it’s still not totally buy rate. But at this point I think I’m ok with the deal.

2020 BMW M340i xdrive

MSRP: $68,970
Sale Price: $62,100 (10% discount)
Incentives: $2k loyalty; $1k lease cash
Adjusted Cap Cost: $59,100

Monthly Payment: $ 667 (including tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $ 6,023 (7 MSD-$4,900 + 1st month payment-$667 + Fees-$455)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: .00138
Region: Midwest
Leasehackr Score: 9.1
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

If you’ve got top tier credit, I’d push for base – .00128. 10% is a good discount – on trend. Will save you $10/month. What’s their “reason” for not giving you buy rate?

Also, I’m pretty sure your incentives are taxed, so you’ll pay a bit more upfront.

If you’re happy with this deal and you haven’t been in and out of the dealership, I’d go in ready to sign, insist on buy rate, and sign.

Also, BMWCCA $500 rebate should apply to this.

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Yeah I do “qualify” for buy rate… their reasoning is they’re offering me a bigger discount so making some of that up on the other end. I’ll push to bring that down to buy rate though.

Yeah I wasn’t sure how the incentives worked in regards to taxes. They simply quoted me the sale price ($62,100), monthly payment (667), and drive off ($4,900 msd + $667 1st month pmnt + $455 fees) and MF (0.00138). The rest I just plugged into the calculator to make the math work out. This was literally all done over text so I haven’t gotten the official paperwork or anything.

Unfortunately I won’t qualify for the bmwcca $500 rebate - they only allow one claim per year to my knowledge and I just put down a deposit for a customer order 2020 X5 last month. I was debating waiting a year but I’m in a stupid situation with my current car (financed a 2016 q50 red sport about 3 years ago and currently paying $800 a month with no intention of keeping it long enough to make sense to have bought it instead of leased it).

Sounds like some BS. if they won’t give you buy rate, just go somewhere else. You can get 10% without much effort.

If they have the car you want, the next step is to ask for their worksheet, lease screenshot, to see how they are working their math. If everything works out, you can say you’ve got a deal with base MF.

10% and base is your standard “good deal” on this car currently. Your car is near fully loaded so I’d say you could get either 12% off or at the very lease base mf.

and you ordered a 2020 x5 from them?!? they should be doing 12% and base.

Maybe have your significant other or a relative sign up? Still worth it at $500 - $134 cost (I think) = $366 net. Not sure if CCA’s terms are against this.

Yeahhhhhh that was my thinking, I just put the order for the 2020 X5 in literally 2 weeks ago. To their credit they gave me the 10% off with absolutely no haggling. I’m sure I can push for more discount. It’s just this money factor issue I have to work on.

I’ll push more on that today and see if the CA can get me the actual calculations they’re using.

2 weeks ago I had no intention of buying a 3 series, my Q50 is just 3 years old and has 27k miles on it, but when I realized people are getting m340’s for sub $700 payments, all of a sudden my $800 payment on the Q50 didn’t make sense anymore. Granted I’m comparing a lease payment to a finance payment, but unless I plan on keeping my Q50 for another 4-5 years to build up equity (I don’t), just doesn’t make sense for me to continue paying $800 a month.

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I don’t know your market or how competitive other dealers are in the area but with you just ordering that car you should get 12% and base and that’s not unrealistic by any means. Push a lot harder.

12% pre incentive on an ordered m340i would be unnecessarily aggressive now for most dealers, but if they want to pad their numbers, then maybe. 10% is an accepted good deal on these now.

it is aggressive but considering he’s getting two vehicles, it’s doable. Definitely would have more leverage if you did not place the order on the X5 already. Have you committed to the X5?? If you can find an m340i you like in stock anywhere and you can put in the order of the X5 with any dealer you have a real good shot. I signed at 13.5% off and base mf on a 63k msrp M340i (was on the lot) Doable.

“Committed” is a strong word :grin:

Technically I can get my deposit refunded and redo the deal, but bmw just dropped the residuals on the 2020 X5’s by 2% for September, so I feel most of the potential additional discount I get on the M340i would be eaten up by the drop in the X5’s residual (I’m locked in for August rates on the X5) if I chose to go that route. Not to mention I feel like unless the dealership is screwing with me, I would just feel morally wrong for backing out of the X5 deal at this point.

I’ll definitely push harder on the MF and see if they can knock an additional percent off. Thanks everyone for your input!

I recently got a similar deal as you on a custom m340i xDrive as well. I did not get lease cash, but I got $3,500 worth of incentives (loyalty, college grad, OL). They gave me a discount of 10% before any incentives and a MF of 0.00145 (I ordered in August, I know I wish I waited a few days to take advantage of the 0.00128 MF for September).

For me, I was just happy to be under 1% on my lease (I think I was at like 0.94%).

I think you got a good deal overall, but would definitely fight for base MF, especially with your credit.

If you only just ordered the car, you can relock with the new incentives/money factor if they’re more in your favor, you can also relock the month that the car comes in if they’re better.

Thanks. When are you taking delivery on your car? You could take advantage of rates in the month at time of delivery if they’re better.

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Update, I wasn’t able to get them to budge on the discount, but did get them to give me buy rate MF. Knocked the payment down about $10/month. I think I’m good with the deal where it’s at, so I’m gonna go ahead and sign.

Thanks all for your input! You got me to push for that little extra.


Yea I ordered on 8/31. ETA for deliver is 6-8 weeks according to salesman. I will try and negotiate MF again. Not sure how to best do that. I don’t want to be a jerk and threaten to cancel the purchase if I don’t get base MF lol.

So looking like October delivery for you. Since you’re already getting buy rate MF for August, you should have no issue getting buy rate MF for October, assuming it’s better than August’s. I think that’s common practice.

Unfortunately you’re probably not in a place to negotiate any further on other things, unless like you said, you’re a jerk about it (which, being a jerk could be justified if the dealership tries pulling some funny business at time of delivery)

Yea I guess I will go in expecting base rate MF before signing. I don’t plan to negotiate anything else. I’m happy with what I got and in the end that’s what really matters.

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