BMW M340i xDrive (2023) Lease



What do you think about this lease:

This is in Washington state.

What is the norm for these misc line item (license fees, doc fees)?
This tax doesnt make sense to me (car tax is supposed to be 6.5%).
Residual is close to 40%.

What should be my talking points to negotiate this lease back to sanity?


Over $44k to drive it for 3 years? That’s rough


You can get this car 4-6% off on an order right now and likely higher in near future.

You could buy the car and have a similar payment

So order one from a broker. Do not lease one. It will never be a reasonable deal in todays market.


Why is the residual 40%…?

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Everyone pays them. Haven’t you ever bought a car?

Your best bet is to work with an out of state broker, if you can.


You cannot. Accept it and move on.


why not? Isn’t market slowing down and buying power reducing?

I agree! I couldn’t get my head around it either.

exactly! It should be around 55%

Washington didn’t have good deals to begin with, I remember most people buying from OR even in the best of times.

M340i inventory is relatively low across the board.

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You allowed them to set the stage. Every negotiation with them from here forward will be using this as a baseline.


This is probably the worst lease quote I’ve ever seen for a 340. If this is their first offer then it can be assumed it will not get much better.


You’re probably better off financing vs. leasing. For a lease to make sense you need:
-High residual
-Discount from MSRP
You’re getting none of those. M340i supply looks better (checks with some of the brokers such as clutch or iac) but probably not as much supply as X3. Reach out to some of the brokers, you can probably finance the car for less money and without some of the bogus addons. Personally, i’d wait a few months for supply to improve if you don’t need it ASAP.

What’s the MF, do yo have a breakdown similar to the calculator here? There are many ways to get screwed over on a lease, so it’s generally better to go in knowing your numbers and the market (what’s the residual, base MF right now, and how much discount are you shooting for)


Moving a boulder up a mountain is futile.
$1000 off saves roughly $30 off monthly payment.


It is regional and also depends on the brand. Your region is not a very competitive market so dealers are not inclined to discount that particular trim. If you are not in a rush, I suggest placing an order, or perhaps look at other possible makes/models?


FWIW, unless you are prepared to pay close to $8xx a month even if you order one through a broker, why not look at a 330i?

If you must have an M340i, I do agree that it might better to finance one instead.

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Off topic, but 330e is priced very close to 330i and if you get one built in Mexico (which should be most of them) you would qualify for nearly $6k back on your taxes ($5800ish).

You probably need the AWD hence the M340ix, but at $66k+ that’s getting very close to M territory. Unless you really need the 4 doors, i’d also take a hard look at financing the M240ix.

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Thanks! Any recommendation for brokers covering Wa?

Thx. Yes $8xx makes sense but not $11xx+z

He has to be confusing the residual and depreciation. 40% depreciation / 60% residual.

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