Bmw M340i review

Anyone know why cars are sitting at dealerships and I have not seen a reputable mag/YouTuber/tv show or anyone with a name I have heard of of review the car including an instrumented test?

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I’m wondering the same.
This car really hasn’t seen the excitement I would have expected from a new 3 series design.
I have placed an order for one myself, expecting delivery mid-June.

Quiet you, the less publicity it gets then hopefully the higher the discounts.


The OEM will organize a junket and then suddenly all the reviews will come out at the same time

Yes, but those typically happen before the cars hit lots. Is Bmw trying to hide something? Is the xi as fast to 60 as the true m cars and they are trying to keep that quiet as long as possible? Am I just some crazy conspiracy theorist? I mean they have been underreporting power for a decade when the n54 could run with an e46 m3 and probably had as much hp and more torque but didn’t want to report it.

You are reading too much into it. I can bet no one at HQ is delaying the G20 just because a handful Fxx M3’s are sitting on dealer lots.

They are not putting M on a pedestal either. Otherwise they wouldn’t call it an M340i ahead of a Gxx M3 coming out.

There are a lot of reviews but like you mentioned, not from the “big names”. From my limited research, if it’s going to be anything like the x3 m40, it’s going to be nothing short of amazing, especially with more power and less weight.

Pretty much. M3’s can be had for MAJOR discounts. Well, that kinda goes without saying since we’re posting on leasehackr. :wink:

Sorry, one more thing. Anyone interested, here are a bunch of reviews from bimmerpost. Click through the other posts on that site if you want to see owner reviews.

My frustration is that M3’s can be had for major discounts, but hardly any discount on X3 m40i. :confused:

Because crossover.


Deals can be found, but you’re right, difficult to come by. They’re such unique vehicles that can be used for many different purposes and at the top of their class for power, handling, etc.

The m3’s are great, but I’m sure as you know, will have the older i drive/infotainment system. The new system is simply amazing.

Agreed on the lack of reviews. Hoping people just ignore so we all can swoop in. Will be test driving this weekend with the father-in-law in FL!

I will admit I didn’t click on a single vid but I know Doug reviewed the 330 and the only other one that mentioned a model also said 330.

I drove it and I am coming out of a B9 S4. The car itself is well designed, great power, and offers a “normal” driver enough get up and go and cool features. I am curious how the market will respond to a 62k+ plus 3 series though…

I could see the M340xi turning into the M550xi, where it is not needed and only a few will get into it. Time will tell.

Probably the same way the market reacted to a 62k+ A5/S5 and C300/C43.

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I wonder if some who get it have no idea what it is? I saw one on Saturday, and it had some nice fender rash on the side that clearly wasn’t fresh. Someone who wants a performance BMW like that likely wouldn’t drive around with damage…at least based on what I see/know with people who drive things like M3s.

They’ve been around for years now.

I was shocked for a $62k+ 3 series… was not following them, so not aware there was a jump in that price point . I do either Volvo or Audi, but attempted to put myself into a 3 or 5 and just couldn’t do it.

Audi has horrible money factor and residuals & no incentives, not worth it.