BMW M340i $65K MSRP 12% off w/ Buy rate. 36/12 $611 pre tax $1850 drive off South Florida


Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 BMW M340i
MSRP: $65,620
Selling price: $57,746. 12% off
Monthly Payment: $654 W/ 7% tax
Drive-Off Amount:$1850
Annual Mileage:12K
Incentives: 1K Lease cash 1K Conquest
Region: South Florida
Leasehackr Score: Who cares
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Covid has made deals on these much harder to come by. I also do not have loyalty and needed 12K miles. Considering that and the high MSRP I like the deal I got.

I got the car very well equipped:

Drivers Assistant Pro
Adaptive suspension
Harmon Kardon
Wireless charging


Congrats, this is beautiful car with great color combo and all necessary packages in place.
I can confirm it is very hard to even find one, not even speaking of this discount. I’m basically looking for the same in North East more then a week already with broker and was not able to locate one…

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All of the fun and none of the fluff congrats!

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Did you roll dealer fees and others into the lease? South Florida dealers are usually asshats about that. I am on the east coast in Broward, and was wondering what dealership you went through?

Nevermind. I see your calculator. This looks like a solid deal. Congrats!


Looks as good as it’s going to get - congrats!

Does this qualify as a fully loaded car, or just loaded? Lol :grin:

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I’ve seen these cars climb up into the high 70’s. So no. Not fully loaded but loaded enough.

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Finding one with the drivers assistance pro and parking assistant was VERY hard. This car just arrived at the dealership. Wasn’t even prepped and on the lot yet. But I really wanted that now that BMW is doing their best Tesla imitation, it’s really cool. I didn’t care about the executive package but now that I have it the laser lights and upgraded daytime running lights are very cool!

For what you got and where you live this is is an incredible deal.

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Goodness gracious! That is like $30kmore than base😳