Bmw m340 lease in ny


Okay let me start off by saying I have underestimated Bmw w the m340 on the driving experience. Yes electric I will give you credit for having me take another look at the car. I had a 500 deposit on a c43 amg. The msrp was 60785. W fleet and 6 percent dealer discount the payment was going to be roughly 800 a month zero drive off.

Coming from a bmw m235 I decided to go in w the wife to see if Bmw could keep eas a customer. I located a m340 w msrp of 59485 that had everything I wanted color combo and equipment wise. I know you’re never supposed to go into a dealer before negotiating but I’m supposed to pick up the Mercedes in days and wanted to throw a Hail Mary to Bmw to keep me.

I ended up canceling the Mercedes order and going w the bmw. Here are the details:

Bmw m340
Msrp 59485
Dealer discount 5948.50 (10 percent)
Rebates- 3250-loyalty and lease cash
Residual 61 percent for 36/10
Mf- base .00165
I did zero sign off so I owe 730.77 at signing- first payment and dmv
Payment is 635 a month w taxes and acq rolled in.

Now I’m in ny and can’t do msd here. I went to this dealer Bc they are sister dealer w Mercedes and were able to transfer my 500 down payment from Mercedes to Bmw. I’m also saving disposition fee and I will be receiving a 300 payment from bmw for my unused miles on my previous lease.

This deal does not include the 500 back I’ll be getting from cca and only thing I’m missing is ol code but I don’t think I’ll be able to get one. Think I made right choice to not go ahead w the c43. Any input on the deal?

come to NJ to do the deal to do MSDs and get a discount closer to 11-12%.

The deposit shouldn’t be a problem getting back

Contract wrote it as non refundable. So 1 percent will wipe out that savings going to another state.

I don’t know any dealer who keeps the deposit money even on ordered cars. Some will hold it until it sells but always refunded

It’s an overall solid deal, especially on what is a fairly hot car now. The M340i truly is impressive.

If you’re happy, do the deal, but like @nextlevelautobrokers said, if you can get another dealer in NJ to do the same deal, you can do MSDS in another state to save some more.

The dealer won’t keep your deposit, even if its in the contract, I think it might be illegal for them to anyway, but regardless, I’ve even known dealers to refund deposits on weird colored custom cars where the owner backed out because they didn’t want the headache.

Can you get an OL code for a driving event to get another 1k off? Just did the same deal a few weeks back. Honestly with NJ vs NY dealers it’s kinda a wash. NJ dealers gave me good pricing but then hit with 599 doc fees so even though monthly would have been less with MSDs the extra fee ate up like half the savings. Instead I got a NY dealer to match N.J. pricing. My 2 cents…

Oh forgot to add was able to get 10.2% off msrp if you want to try and push a bit more.

Oh and car is sick! Sorry for all the posts!

54 I was looking for an ol code but can’t seem to find one!

You’d have to check if you get one for attending an mTown drive event?

Only thing I can think of.

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Thanks. Is there to find out if you attend if you get an ol code? Either by calling dealer or bmw financial?

Maybe ask your CA ? You could send a pm to one of the bmw dealer folks in here as well.

Just called Bmw…no ol code for that event :sob::sob::sob: I cant complain though happy w the payment being what it is. Thanks a lot for the info really appreciate

Bummer but great car, enjoy. Can’t wait to get it on the track myself.

I was not aware BMW reimburses for un-used miles. I have over 3k miles to use up on my Lexus lease and it’s the only thing holding me back from returning the car since I paid for an extra 5K miles per year. If only Lexus would reimburse me, I could dump this car now lol.

Up to 300 dollars but only if you lease or buy another Bmw. Today was definitely a money saving day maybe I’ll buy my wife something :joy:

lol, lady luck on your side.