BMW M3 Offer in California - "$1k under invoice"


I was offered this deal for what they say is $1k under invoice pricing for this M3. I’m a little confused because as you can see it says cap reduction is $1817 and the mnfg rebate (lease credit from BMW) of $3000 isnt showing up as a CCReduction. Can anyone explain what’s going on with that? I keep trying to ask but they’re not giving me an answer. I already know the MF is marked up, but they said once they run my credit it will be brought down if I qualify for the .00156. Thanks!

They are applying the rebate to the upfronts and the rest as cap reduction. Typical treatment of rebates. Base money factor and a little more discount is about all you can do. M3 doesn’t lease great.

Ok that makes sense. They sent me a revised offer with the lower MF .00156 and they took an additional $500 off the selling price. Mthly base is $740 + tax brings it to $798.26. its not the 1% deal but its pretty close. Would you take this?

For M3 I think it’s pretty good. Usually you don’t see good lease deal on M3.

I’d take it. Seems like a solid deal.

Thanks for the feedback. I took the offer for total monthly payment of $798.26 no money down. I did not know that all maintenance is included in these (oil changes, tire rotations, etc.) for the life of the lease so that was a nice surprise.

Which dealer was this from?

I got the following offer if anyone is interested…

$76545 car

$739 a x36 month 10000 miles and $4983 out including

1 st month

Don’t know if its a good deal or not but I can give you info.

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Do you happen to know if it’s manual or auto. Good looking out.

It’s an automatic. Doesn’t have competition package but it does have the Executive package.

Looks like a solid deal rpc. Picture?

Here ya go!

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So sick! 202020202020

Can you PM me the info, thank you.

This is really about as good as you can do on an M3…would definitely jump on it if I wanted an m3