Bmw m3 money factor

Hi everyone,

Did the bmw m3 money factor go up to .00182?

All BMWs are the same. Buyrate MF is now .00156.

That’s what I thought. Internet rep is saying money factor is .00182

BMW continues to increase the MF? Ridiculous! Did they provide better incentives this month or just the usual?

Lease incentive still $3000 unless you’re eligible for fleet, graduate, etc

And even then the $3000 is regional.

BMW of Dallas offered MF 0.0022 and Classic BMW (Plano) MF 0.00195. They said manufacture set it for March like that.

The 0.0022 may be the rate with the accq fee waived ($925) but I can’t remember what the bump is over 0.00156 (buy rate) to tell if that’s marked up before the bump or not.

The bump is .0005, so buyrate MF with acq fee waived should be .00206.

what is the money factor for a 5 series , plano,tx region .

Bump ! Any update MF for January ? I’m looking at getting 530e

All you need to know about Jan is in this thread…