BMW M235i lease North Carolina Good deal?

Hi all, long time lurker, is this a good deal:

  1. M235: Here is a link to the car on our website.

Price: $46,195.00

Disc: -$5,175.00

Sale Price: $41,020.00

Aftermarkets (Wheel lock;Window Tint; Trunk Liner; Nitrogen) $823.87

Customer Cash: $6,000.00-due on delivery ($3000 5 security deposits; $3000 down pymt)

Miles: 10,000/year

Monthly lease payment: $496.37

So really it is 580 a month. Sounds high to me. Maybe your MF is high?

Run far away from that deal.

Thank you guys! I am not sure

Sorry mistype. I am not sure why the deal is so bad.

They actually charge extra for nitrogen, something that makes up 78% of our atmosphere?

That’s a funny point. Frankly they seemed very proud of themselves when they gave the deal. I think the residual is pretty horrible in addition to them playing games with the MF.

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I think the M235i might be in the same boat as the M2. When I looked at leasing the M2, it was much better to just buy one. The payments were very high because of the terrible residuals they were putting on them.

So the MF they quoted is 0.00139 with MSDs and 0.0079 without and the residual is 59% or around $26k.

I think these things just don’t lease well, I have great credit, enough capital, etc, so I’m guessing it’s just the car.

Thanks again for your help, I will keep looking for something else.

Ya, that’s not a bad residual on one of those at all. Good luck on your search.

Why not just buy it?

good question, I really like the car, but I would like to have an M4 as my final car but it’s a wee bit on the pricey side. I think I would like to get a 3 year old M4 at the end of this lease and have that be my daily driver for the foreseeable future.

That is a horrid horrid lease. Run for the hills

Basically you can reject the aftermarket stuff. Just tell them to remove it from the car. Stand firm.

They have marked up your MF and your down payment with some cap cost reduction.

Here is what it should look like with 8% sales tax and no silly aftermarket rubbish. Remember this quote has no cap cost reduction like yours and it is still lower than their quote.

OK so lets clear the air here. The residuals on the M235i are CLEARLY to absorb the people who can’t get their hands on a HOT M2 right now. So basically these crappy leases will soak-up the Neanderthals desperate to get a taste of the M2 pie.

I’d lease the M2 EVEN with the crap residuals because most likely the car will be worth more than the residual at the end of the lease almost 100%. The M235i will be worth crap at the end of the lease and you’ll be so under water you’ll regret ever getting one and not an M2.

This is excellent advice. I really would love to get my hands on an M2, and yes would take a crap residual (but most likely buy). I have called the dealer, who has been more than professional in dealing with my waffling and told them thanks but no thanks. Now I just need to get my hands on a $500 a month sports car until the M2/4 become more palatable price wise.

Your advice has been greatly appreciated and I hope to help other hackers out in the future as you have all done for me.

Lets put it this way the M4 will become more palatable the M2 will never become more palatable. A used M4 will = a new M2 but the M2 will not depreciate. BMW will most likely only raise the MSRP every year on the M2 till it practically becomes M3 money and justify it as the C63 is commanding a HUGE premium over BMW right now.

A sports car for $500? Jaguar F Type Base Coupe … you’re welcome!

If your goal is to buy a 3yr old M4 in 3 yrs, why not buy a 2yr old M235i now? Let someone else absorb all the initial depreciation

That makes very little sense, because one can hardly ever access all the equity in a desirable car after leasing it. You can only sell to a dealer, not to a private party without registering/titling it first in your own name. In most states you would have to pay tax in order to do that, which kills the profit you are trying to make.