BMW M2 Competition 36/10 Demo


Hi hackers,

I’m currently negotiating a deal on a demo BMW M2 Competition (my all time favorite car) and I’ve got to this point:

MSRP: $62,685
Selling Price: $58,109
Terms: 36/10
Monthly payment incl. tax: $999
Drive off: zero
Current mileage: 1962

Here’s my filled in calc, and it’s matching with his side:

Would love to hear your opinion - I think I have squeezed out as much as I can because I know that this car does not lease well, plus I’m in TX where the deals are mild.

The sales guy will not budge from this point, and I’m wondering whether to sign or pass.


The usual:

  1. Need more discount on a demo, even more so if the MF is marked up.
  2. Use MSD
  3. Find Texas tax credits

If he won’t budge, I would pass. This is a demo car, not a new car.

Also, this deal on a new car is not really good either.

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Thanks guys, I’ll give it another shot at getting the price down.

Still to this day we’ve never discounted a New M2.

Never had one as a demo… so anything off MSRP is a plus. :slight_smile:

This car has no incentives and has the lowest residual “aka closest to real market value” of all BMWs on the market. Almost unleasable by LH standards.

Buy it if you can, my $.02.

Yeah, exactly. Unfortunately I absolutely love this specific car in a manual transmission, and it just so happens that it’s also pretty much unleasable…

I’ll mail this salesman back asking for a big discount, but it looks likely that I’ll have to either buy outright or settle for one of the other performance BMW deals I see floating around.

So don’t lease it?

If you do your homework right you can easily score an M4CS which is $40k-50k more expensive than the average M2 for much less $/mo.

I’m an expat here for ~3-4 years. A 36 month lease suits me better as it’s not ideal to bring back a LHD to the UK (and selling can be a hassle when moving).

Yeah, I’m actually fairly close to signing for an M4CS at a pretty similar leasing upfront & monthly to this. Just waiting on the dealer to respond to the final offer right now before I spotted this M2C (M4CS is auto only).

I can get M2’s with some discount.

Not a lot (forget about going back of invoice for the most part) but considering most DFW area dealers won’t budge on them and on top sometimes even add non residualized “goodies” not totally awful. And yes without tax credits (like a one-pay) they are next to unleasable.