BMW loaner lease 3 years maintenance question



I am taking over a lease for a BMW car which was a loaner when the owner leased it.

The lease has one year left. It was put into use as loaner car about 2.5 years ago. Do I need pay for any maintenance in 6 months when it reached 3 years?


Maintenance plan starts when the first owner registers the car. So in this case if the car has UC+ you won’t need to pay for any maintenance.

Pretty sure they begin at in service date and this was a loaner

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I have a loaner lease now, its service date or 36k miles. You can check the carfax for the service date. Make sure to schedule a final maintenance when you are still covered, if needed.

Confirm with the dealer if the maintenance plan is transferable

Hi guys,

Thanks for the replies!

But I am still confused. Do I need to pay or not?

You’d need to pay to transfer the free maintenance or pay for the 3 years service.

The three year date is from the in service date of the loaner (when it was first used).

Ultimate care (free bmw) does not transfer, while
Ultimate care+ (Paid maintenance package) does.

I stand corrected then.

yes, you will need pay for it after three years since the first service date (under the first owner). Schedule a final maintenance when still covered

Thanks again for the replies.

So because Ultimate care does not transfer. So I will need to pay for the maintenance.

Can you guys please let me know what kind of maintenance payment I should expect in my 12 months of lease period?


What type of car are we even talking about? You can search online too… big difference… 320i or M8… :slight_smile:

You should make sure the transferor does all the required maintenance before you take delivery.

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My bad. Did not mentioned which model it is.

It is 2018 X1.

I am sure previous maintenance have been completed. The car has over 20K miles. Maintenance was done at 10k and 20k.

My question is what kind of maintenance payment I should expect when it is 3 years since service date and also when the car reaches 30k miles.