BMW Lease Tips - 7 Series

Longtime lurker who has enjoyed the education and collaboration this forum provides. Thank you for the education and in many cases the entertainment!

I’m trying to get a head start on my next lease and wanted to see if the group had any suggestions. I’ve read up on the BMWCCA membership and will be joining that, is there anything else I’m missing? We’re 13 months out and I realize this is way early to even think about negotiating a deal but I wanted to make sure I meet any length of membership requirements. For what it’s worth we’re looking for a 7 series.

Part of the reason for the early start is that I live in S. Florida and good deals are hard to come by (will most likely bite the bullet and utilize a broker).

Thank you in advance to everyone in the forum for their help.

Research is key. Seeing the deals obtained on here is a good start. But research is only so valuable when it comes to region/mf/trunk cash. All which are subject to change on a monthly basis. 13 months out??? Pick your car you want and sit tight. 2 to 3 months out…figure if there’s a stock car or cars that fit your needs that will generate most likely a better deal. If so you know you won’t have to go custom route. If not then custom it is which will probably produce less savings. From there you email away dealers hammering out the dealers w the car you want for the price your willing to pay taking into account inflating mfs and bs charges etc

One of the biggest lesson i learned from hacking is you can’t be dead set on a car and assume you are going to get a great deal at a given time. It changes month to month based on incentives, MF, etc.

There are not many comparable cars to a 7-series so may have limited options, but the ridiculous trunk money may not be available in a year, so could be looking at $1,000+ per month vs $700 as we have seen here recently on 7-series.

Not sure what you are leasing now, but one option is to transfer that lease IF you find a great 7-series deal in the next couple of months.

Thanks Lax, appreciate the advice. I figured I would have to dig in and reach out to a multitude of dealers since S. Florida is notorious for it’s bad deals.

Britten, I’m in a Lexus GX460 right now @ $465 / month and seeing some of these deals is making me anxious to do something. Think I saw one on here for $633/mo!

I’m not against rolling a few payments if I have to pull the trigger early but not 12 + disposition fee. Right now I’m signed up for the $1,000 test drive credit and recently joined BMWCCA which could be an extra $1,500. Problem with BMWCCA is that I’ve been a member for about 8 minutes and I think you have to have it for a year.

You should be able to move the Lexus at that price point pretty easily.

CCA rebate is available to all members immediately. That changed almost 2 years ago.

Since you are in FL, probably going to do best out of state so either ship it or make a road trip out of it.

Britten, thanks for that info on the BMW rebate - was not aware of that. Are you still forbidden from applying to a demo or vehicle with over 1,000 miles? Any thoughts on using a broker to help track down out-of-state opportunities?

Yes, any car with over 1,000 miles.

Hire a broker or monitor the board and wait until you see a decent broker deal that works for you. There are a enough decent signed leases outlined here to gauge what’s good.

The CCA rebate is good immediately only if you bought the 3 year membership