BMW Lease Tax Credits

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Newbie question. Are lease tax credits limited to the location of the dealership and the buyer?

I live in Texas and have been searching for X7’s nationwide. A dealership that is out of state said they cannot assist with tax credits as only dealerships in Texas would receive them for Texas specific sales.

Yup, gotta be in Texas and have them available. Different dealer chains issue them in different ways, some at specific times of the year, some on specific vehicles.

New leases from outside of Texas will always have the full amount of Texas tax due. Taking over someone else’s lease can get you around it though. Lots of threads here about it.

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Appreciate the info! I’ll search through the lease take over threads and get familiar with that process as well.

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No worries. I should mention, taking over someone elses lease isn’t always better as there are risks involved especially if you don’t inspect the vehicle or have it inspected. That, plus the $500 transfer fee, any transportation fee, and standard free maintenance no longer applying after transferring adds overhead to any deal. There are bargains out there though, especially in a high vehicle tax and sometimes uncompetitive state like Texas.

How’s the market uncompetitive in Texas? It’s one of the most populous states with a variety of dealers.

Population has little to do with competition when the dealer networks have written the state legislation when it comes to:

There are some exceptions like BMW Owners Choice with hybrids and EVs, or certain models but in most cases deals in Texas will be worse than Cali or the NE even pretax.

Agreed that the taxing situation screws us in Texas. Texas really isn’t the “low tax” state they proclaim. Our property tax burden is one of the highest in the nation. Every state gets their tax…just in different ways :frowning:

@IAC is FS recognized. They’re one of the best.

What does FS recognized mean?

I’m wondering the same thing. From what I understand they’re either operating out of state or saying they are.

Same here with the property tax in The Woodlands, it’s crazy high but it ends up evening out overall compared to other countries I’ve lived in. They just seem to do it in a really weird way to try and appease voters.

Right…it’s all about politics. The government gets their money no matter what.

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