BMW lease return soon

I will be returning my BMW lease next month. Way under mileage due to Covid. Will be replacing the front tires as they are below 4/32. I have one rim rash which is less than 2 inches. see pic Rest every thing is in great condition. Will this be a issue or should I get it fixed. Any tips appreciated!!


Looks chargeable to me, I’d spend the ~$100 to get it refinished or look on bmw forums for a pair of matching takeoffs with good rubber on the cheap side.

Did you get the pre turn in inspection done? Will be able to tell you if they’ll charge it or not. If they do, get it refinished (around $100)

I’ve had curb rash like that not get charged, but def get the pre inspection and see.

Yea, just get the inspection done and see if they charge you or not.

I had similar curb rash on 2 wheels of my most recent Audi turn in and it was just noted as normal wear and tear, no charge.

If they do charge you, then you can decide whether it’s cheaper to just pay the charge or get it fixed on your own.

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