BMW Lease Return - Run Flat Tires



Planning to return my BMW in feb, does anyone know if i have to replace my tires with the exact model and brand of run flat that came with (Turanza 275/40R18) or can i just replace it with any brand of run flats?

Thanks in Advance !!!


You have to replace it with the exact model of tires. But I would recommend going in for an inspection first, they’ll let you know if the tires need to be replaced.

If you’re getting into a new lease with BMW again, sometimes they’ll overlook the wear and tear also.


I purchased the Lease Protection Plan, i assume that doesn’t cover tires??


Please do not give wrong advise.

Tires don’t need to be replaced with the exact brand/model.


As long as it’s a RFT of the right size from Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, Pirelli, Dunlop, or Goodyear, you’re good.


Whoa I didn’t realize that! I always assumed that since they’ve made me pay for the exact tire model whenever it required replacing.

So you literally can roll up in anything, so long it’s the right size and one of those brands? Good to know!


If they need to be replaced, there are several threads here about where to buy used tires. Can easily save 50% or more vs. new but have enough tread to pass inspection.


What if just 1 or 2 tires need replacement? can you mix brands on the car?


You can buy used tires online


Any brand including cheap Chinese unpronounceable names are fine provided the tires match the same OEM specs (size, speed rating, run flat if applicable etc…)


Buy used RF tires of the same spec on eBay


When I returned my BMW lease that originally came with Dunlop RFT, the tires had to have more than 3/32" tread left and RFT.
@Yinzer is correct - get used RFT on eBay.

Conventional tires will not work and will end you costing you more.

A good choice for a new set was the inexpensive Drive Guard RFT which I currently run on my 528i.


A year ago i paid 380 for 4 used OEM RF for my F10.


I was told that 3 tires had to be replaced in pre-inspection for my 328 x drive.
I found lifespan of my tires was something around 40k-50k.I talked to customer care and said that for 3 years/36k lease,for sure there would be more than 50% loss in how would they expect 1/8th of threading.They agreed to waive 500$ on my left 2 tires.I bought a tire for 210$ from discount tire and replaced the third tire.The estimate was given 3*300$=900$.so,at the end I ended up paying 210$+100$(for two tires)=310.
May be you can also give a try talking to customer care.


Definitely don’t mix brands, the 4 tires do need to be the same. But you can replace just two if needed if the tire is the same.

I thought it had to be a decent quality brand like someone else listed in this thread (there is a line in my lease agreement that seems to indicate “equivalent quality”). But folks on here have said the Chinese brands are fine too provided the specs match.

It’s good you asked, I just bought 4 brand new bridgestone’s for a lease ending in late March, and it turns out I could have spent half the price on some chinese.


yes, you can mix brands and still be ok wit the lease turn in. Often this happens because the brand of tire that came on the car is no longer made.


Official video about tires.

Needs to be runflat, same size and speed rating.

If you buy used, there’s a very good chance you’ll find the exact model, as many people change their wheels with aftermarkets.
Ebay and Craigslist are useful


As noted, turn it in with same speed rating, size and run flat, with enough tread (4/32). Brand of tire doesn’t matter.