BMW lease questions - "damaged" car and low mileage credit

Have 2 questions on a lease deal I’m working now:

  1. Dealer told me the car is currently in body shop and it was damaged when served as loaner. I thought it might not be a big deal since it’s a leasing, and I don’t plan to buy it out at lease end anyway. Is there anything I missed here? Any impact I’m not aware?

  2. My current lease has very low mileage and will be ended soon. BMW FS told me I’m qualified for low mileage credit if I get a new BMW lease. But the sales person told me it depends if the finance people at dealership will honor it. They don’t always need to follow what BMW FS says. Is it true? Is there a way to enforce that credit is applied?

Thanks for all the inputs and help!

It’s a credit applied to your account, it’s not a rebate or anything lol.

Yeah any issues the car may have will have to be fixed under warranty, and while they may not cost anything it’s annoying.

Any imperfections at lease return MAY be your responsibility, not a 100%, but again, ya know there’s a cost for these sort of things wink wink nudge nudge.

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Thanks for the inputs! Just learnt how the credit will be applied from another thread :grinning:

For the damage, sales said there will be a form I will sign to state the damage was not my fault, or something like that…

If you ever ever ever plan to sell the car, or even entertain the option, the fact that it was in even a small fender bender will kill any resale value. It is unlikely you will ever have the possibility of positive equity, even in this crazy market.

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That’s a good point. Will consider it again.

I actually got two identical 2019 loaner 430 coupes at the same time a few years ago. One of them had some sort of insignificant cosmetic fender bender while in loaner/demo duty and the other one didn’t. Last time I checked them both on Carvana, there was over a $5000 difference in their offers. Having that nick on the carfax can be brutal.


Wow, that’s a huge difference. I will probably reconsider and see if other options. Thanks!

This won’t matter in the least if you ride the car out to the end of the term, but if you are harboring any visions of selling/swapping it out midterm, it will definitely be a negative.

Of course, this is nothing that a good bit of “dealer participation” at signing cannot solve :slight_smile:

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Actually they don’t budget at all, just call it as lease “special”, and that is it…

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