BMW - lease or buy if driving 8k miles/year?

I pose this question because BMW offers aggressive lease deals which I think still makes it financially better to lease even though I only drive 8k miles/yr. Am I wrong? It seems BMW offers unusually high residual value in their leases which I wouldn’t get if I purchased the car and sold it 3 years later.

some facts:
located in LA
reference car would be X5 or M5

I drive less miles than you and leasing still works out to be a better deal. You also get an under-mileage credit of up to $300 from BMWFS on your next BMW lease.

On the M5 and other high-end cars they occasionally offer low-mileage leases but they seem to have phased those out. 8k miles/year really isn’t far off from 10k.

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Lease it. BMW residual values are typically inflated. Combined with the fact that you want to have the car for 3 years it wouldn’t be a wise move to purchase it

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Lease it and offer it for transfer prior to the last six months, ask for some money back from the transfer person. Hopefully you’ll be able to command a premium on the transfer with the extra miles.

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