BMW Lease Loyalty Form

Hope this helps, for those that currently have a BMW financed or leased with BMW financial services or ended a lease within 12 months qualify.

Anthony @

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Damn, wish my lease was up. Id have loyalty, drive credit & CCA rebate all equally 3k.

I ll take your Lease over lol. I just ended my i3 lease by transferring it

Gf loves it to much lol. I barely drive it now. I have an Ats-V.

Nice! So the both of you have a combined carbon footprint of a 328i. haha

We still have our efficient Subaru Forester lol.

what drive event? I have not seen anything sponsored by bmw only dealers.

I had a drive event last month by BMW. My 1k coupon expires in Sept i believe.

Do you remember what it was called? Was it a team USA event?

Drive for a cause coming up in Aug, not sure if a certificate will be given.Last one was a drive event on a small autocross circuit. Was not a team USA Event.

Anyone know if this is available in other states (VA or MD)? Thanks