Bmw lease list -updated- 12-16


I made a bad list yesterday with down payments on random cars? Not sure how that got there?

I cleaned it up. I also added miles and payments with MSD’s.

The lease payments are based on the following:

  • Super Elite approval
    -First Payment out of pocket
  • Tax, DMV, Dealer Fees Upfront.

This may not be 100% accurate still.

The prices may have changed. Cars have been sold or I have added a “True” used car to this list (which does not qualify for new car lease rates).

Any number I give out is NOT the final number. The stores give out the final numbers.

This is not an offer nor is this binding. This is purely an estimate.

Please contact me first:

Not all the stores KNOW that I post on here. I don’t work with every store on this list. So please contact me first and I will put you with the correct people.

If you would like pictures or more info on the car. Please Visit: and use the VIN number and do a search. Pictures should populate.

If the car cannot be found, it most likely has been sold.



Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see anything ok the spreadsheet?

I can see the spreadsheet

Sent you an email mate. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Its actually $30 more a month on that one car. I was messing with it before. But it’s back of auction! I don’t know why they havent been able to sell it.

I was trying to see what the payment was with loyalty on that one.

Thanks for the list. Still no X3’s in my price range, but I’ll keep an eye out. Are these all leases for 10k miles? I know it’s annoying, but would you be able to make a column for 12k miles? Thanks! :slight_smile:

just add $20 to the monthly. Should be a good rough estimate.

Alright, thanks :slight_smile:

I was about to say that :slight_smile:

WBA5A5C50GD527866- this one is now pending guys.

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just see one store on the list, can u add the socal list as well

try again.

I had it filtered on my computer.


Ah that looks better :slight_smile:

sent you a few texts today man…

sent you an email regarding a car!

I sent you an email on a car as well. Let me know, I can pull the trigger today.

That 550i was a steal. It’s a shame, it looks like it sold.

This is probably a ridiculously stupid question, but I looked at the spreadsheet and many of the cars mention something about South Africa. What does that mean?

ManufacturerEd in South Africa

It means the steering wheel is on the right side of the car, runs on diesel and it has been impaled by a wildebeest.