BMW lease in Las Vegas, NV

Hey guys I’ve been lurking here for awhile trying to absorb as much infos as possible… 720 fico, have a current 5 series financed at 2.9 that warranty is expiring in a few months so I will be trading in… I would like to lease another 5 series or possibly an M3 fully loaded up. Thinking my MSRP will be around 71k or so - is it possible to do a 700/mth with 0 DAS? I see many people posting their lease deals and it seems most of the good ones are roughly 100/mth per 10k of car. I went to the dealer the other day and they offered me a 71785 MSRP 5 series at 67837 vehicle cost. 70243 capital cost. The payments are 1089/mth including 83.02 tax with nothing out of pocket. Residual is 43071. This doesn’t look right - any advice?

From what I’ve read around here. Most people will say be prepared to go to Socal to get the deal. M series don’t lease well. I would expect at least 12% off msrp on a new 5 series 15-17% on a loaner and for a really good deal on a loaner 19-21%. Make sure you find out the current incentives and MF on edmunds. Those incentives should go on top is the msrp discount

from my calcs it appears I’m only getting 4-5% off MSRP and 3-4k of junk fees. Is this a Vegas thing? I don’t really understand as I’ve bought a few cars from these guys cash and I’d expect to be treated well but I’m not very versed in leasing at all and the lease payments just don’t seem right. A fully loaded up 5 series would be nice and with a MSRP of 71k or so is it too much to expect your payments to be 700/mth on a 12/36?

Go on edmunds. Figure out what the RV and incentives are. Then put the numbers in the calculator. Take 12% off msrp as the selling price. That’s what your payments should be around for a decent deal without getting down and dirty. Also try a broker if you don’t want to learn the ins and outs

I did not have any luck with the two BMW dealers in Las Vegas. I have ended up in Southern California for my last three BMW leases.