BMW Lease Front Windshield Replacement

I was wondering if anyone here has returned a lease to BMW with windshield other than genuine one from the dealer. Was driving on the freeway last night and was hit by a rock that was a size of a baseball and it needs a replacement. Glass is severely cracked all over driver side and shattered partially inside too. Glad it didn’t come inside or I could’ve been severely injured. It was a mess.

Will BMW give me a trouble if I use something like Safelite? I have to call my insurance company now but I’m sure they will tell me to go with aftermarket which I’m fine with as long as BMW won’t charge me when I return the lease

For full windshield replacement, BMW told me I needed a genuine one because the windshields have plenty of special tech in them now.

I had a very small crack so what I ended up doing was returning it and then the insurance company covered the cost BMW charged me for return with damage.

Most insurance companies will give you OEM glass if you ask. Also, make sure to get the sensor recalibrated if you have forward collision warning (most BMWs do). Insurance will cover the cost of that too since it isn’t cheap.

Others on LH have noted in the past that inspectors do make a point of checking if the windshield (logo) is OEM

Edit: this is related to BMW’s only :slight_smile:

I had to get two windshields replaced (Volvo not BMW) and neither time did the front collision sensors need to be recalibrated. Work done by Safelight, no issue at lease turn in - but was for another Volvo

Thank you guys for the responses. I guess I have to go with the OEM route regardless of it being fully covered or paying for the difference. I do gave Lane Departure and other things go on it so I’ll make sure it is calibrated. Such a hassle I don’t need!

I just had new windshield replacement by safelite on my M340i. Guy said there is no 3rd party glass for it, used genuine BMW glass. Did the recalibration and off he went. Easy as can be.

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Fuyao is who BMW uses and a few others. I’ve had the collision shop order one directly through them before. You cut out BMW and save quite a bit. No problem at turn in. YMMV.

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