BMW Lease Expiration - What to do?


I purchased a 2019 BMW X4 M40i thanks to this forum!
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My lease is expiring in June and I have the money to buyout.
The car has only 11k miles after 3 years (I live in NYC, only used it for the weekends)
Checking some prices online I think there should be between 3 to 5k on equity on the car.

Ideally, I would like to have a new X5 and put my equity in the new lease, but after calling my dealer they only offer me to buy my car at the residual value (0 equity) and have a new lease with 1% discount on the MSRP.

These are my options:

  1. Sell the my car to the dealer and try to negotiate a better new lease
  2. Sell the car to the open market and try to gain some of the equity (taxes, other cost that I should consider?)
  3. Keep the car and wait for a better market to lease a new car
  4. Any other ideas?

The only reason that I want to change the car is because I have another daughter and I need a little more space.
If I stay with the car, future services how expensive they are? Something that I should consider if I keep the car?

Any advice? what would you do?


Well, I guess it comes down to smaller ‘space’ vs getting hosed on a new car lease now…haha…just buy your current lease out and wait a year or so, I’m sure the lack of space won’t kill ya. :wink:


You should try to get quotes from other BMW dealerships, hell, even reach out to some brokers on here and they can help. You can definitely do better than 1% on a new X5.

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  1. Sell the X3 to highest bidding BMW dealer, hint start with Autonation. Lithia has BMW dealers but idk if Driveway buys BMWs.
  2. Don’t buy or lease an X5.
  3. Find a Kia Telluride LX and buy it.
  4. Wait patiently for carpocalyse to end.

How much of a larger vehicle are you looking for?

You can negotiate for a higher discount but the dealer cannot do anything about the awful RV, MF and lack of incentives from BMWFS. So it’s like asking for more dressing on a shit salad.

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Don’t expect much of a discount on this car. The deals suck.

How much space do you really need? How many kids are you hauling now?

new X5? My dealer told me expect December for 45e, you can get 40i for maybe 2-3 month but I believe no one should consider it after the tax credit.

what about x3? better deal?
space a little more than x4

the other question that I still have is how much are the services from bmw? since in the lease everything was included. what can i expect in terms of maintaining cost for the car

No clue. Check out broker deals in the Marketplace.

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