BMW Lease Contract Review - Section 14


Hi guys,

I did my first Lease 2 years ago on a Loaner here in Texas. It was a 1-Pay Lease for a BMW 320 Xdrive loaner. I believe I did a decent job on the price, and dealer told me everything was included, even taxes which being a 1Pay in texas were negated (according to the words of the dealer). I am about to return it and checking my contract there is something that I do not understand about the Section 14 on the Tax. Does this section say I will need to pay those taxes when I return the lease? Also, I think I didn’t do well by including the options of Permaplate/Dingshield and BMW Wheel & Tire. If you see anything that I should avoid on my next one please let me know. Thanks!

14 is paid during the lease.

You got hosed on the dealer adds. Just say no to F&I unless it’s a precondition of a great deal and the discount makes up for them.

Thanks! I still have a doubt about the $1300 of the BMW Maintenance. I have read a few threads about this and yet is not clear to me if this one they applied to this contract is the BMW Maintenance+ that I should have avoided, as it appears that Maintenance should be covered for 3 years… Should I reject that one too next time? Thanks again

If you are leasing, do not worry about the extended maintenance since it is only including brakes and windshield wipers. Now if you can get tire and wheel again for $695, I would take that every time without a second thought.


Correct. You paid $2900 for crap you didn’t need :slight_smile:

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I got charged $600 on that maintenance line item, after I had specifically told the guy I didn’t want any extras. When I questioned him about it a few days later, he double-talked me and I still didn’t really understand what it was for. I called BMW Financial and they said it was for maintenance beyond the free stuff, I think brakes and rotors or some such thing. They said I had signed for it so pretty much I was screwed unless I could get the Finance Manager to do something about it. Which, amazingly, he did! He refunded my $600 and then when I complained he didn’t give me the interest back, he gave me that too. Lesson learned though!

Thank you all!