BMW iX - will there be a similar situation to the EQS?

I saw in February that dealers were offering 9% off pre-incentive on the iX. I’m wondering if there will be a similar run on these as to the EQS in the near future? Any of you smart people have an educated guess or maybe some trending data to suggest that?

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Likely to see more discounts on the iX/ i7. Eventually. Maybe today. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next year. You can be the pioneer and shoot some emails and be the unicorn finder


If we aren’t already there, I think we’re on the cusp of EV supply in general exceeding short-term demand.

Long-term, all of these manufacturers want market share, and at least some are going to have to hemorrhage money on them for a while in order to get there.

MB clearly doesn’t have a compelling product yet, and the iX and i4 are among the ugliest vehicles introduced recently.

Started a few weeks back - no bites so far. Will update if/when they do come.


Not sure what dealers are doing 9% before incentive but I know we’re doing 6% front end + incentive on orders and have thrown out several heavily discounted feature cars. :man_shrugging:

Actually about to throw out another.

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I don’t think even 9% plus incentives is gonna get you to 500-700 dollar range

That’s i4 35e money, bro.

The iX doesn’t need that kind of shove yet. Now, if Tesla starts slinging $499-599 leases on MY’s and $899 leases on MX that could result in some pressure.

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That will destroy the EV market as I see it…

Are i4s going under 700 right now ?

Yes, they lease better than 3 series right now (unless doing loyalty lease)

Interesting which dealers / region are at 9%?

I’ve got 2-3 iX units about to hit the ground in that general discount range.

There will be no dealer trades or builds at that pricing, at least not until there’s a serious glut of them like the EQS situation and given that we just flipped to 2024’s that window is fast closing.

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What does that put them at? ~1,000 with TTF at signing?

Even better.

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