BMW iX Financed Using BMW Select


Hi all,

I have been benefiting from this forum so I wanted to share my deal. I visited a local BMW dealership to return my 530e. Saw an iX50 on the lot and inquired about it. A client cancelled his order-- so I bought it. It is a basic model with an MSRP of $85,000ish. I bought the car with the MSRP.

One interesting thing is if you bought a BMW Select program (with the finance guy), you can get a rate of 1.9% (normally for 72 months, it is 5.49% now). I bought the ultimate package, gap insurance, etc, but the total amount I pay is $1,000 less than the higher rate. The special rate (1.9%) select program is only applicable to i4 and iX for now.

Anyway, got the car and charging now-- for 72 months no money down, I pay $1,299/mo.
Hope this helps!


The select program is usually a balloon loan, so you will have a final payment due after 72 months for the remaining unpaid balance. Would love to see pictures.

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came here to say what the guy below mentioned. BMW select seems like a hidden scam.
From the BMW select website:

Every month you will make low monthly payments for a time period that you establish up front.

At the end of the term, an additional payment is due that is fully disclosed up front in writing so you can plan ahead with

  • You can choose from OPTIONS designed to make your experience easy and simple:
  • You can refinance the final payment amount with BMW Financial Services.
  • You can complete your purchase with the one final cash payment.

how much do you have to pay at the end of your 72 months. I remember it was very non-insignificant amount to actually keep the car. you’re basically forced to pay alot or get yet another loan after your 6 years.

Yup you are right. After 5 years, I owe 29% of the MSRP. I can either refinance, sell, or trade-in. If I stick with the 5.49% APR, the interests I pay at the end of my financing is about $18,XXX, while 1.9% lowers it to $5,000ish. The ultimate package is around $6,000ish. For now the iX50 is hard to find, at least in this area, and I may just sell the car if I don’t want to drive it. The ultimate package is appealing for potential buyers… I get the federal tax rebate as well as no waiting. My wife liked the car, and that’s most important :slight_smile: (She hated XC90 due to hard suspension and ride quality; we should’ve bought an air suspension…)

Thanks for the comment! Yes, you are right on other BMW cars, but the iX or i4 due to a very low APR (1.9% vs. 5.49%; I get elite apr rate from BMW). In the end, the total amount I pay, with the select program on iX, is $1,000ish less than no select program.

How hard is it to resist throwing up every time you walk towards it and get a glance of the exterior?

Bad joke, in all seriousness good scoop up.


How much did you pay for ultimate care, gap, etc? Is gap even worth it in the current market? MSRP for these is a good deal right now though, based on my experience


Congratulations! Post pics … (@Ursus what’s the verdict on Captive Balloons? Trophy Garage allowed?)

Do we have official word on calling this eye-ex or icks or 9?

In the Dune universe, Ix (9 Alkalurops) was basically the gadget planet, before and after the Butlerian Jihad. It’s a fitting name for such a fine German contraption.

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Agreed with the exterior, but I kinda got used to it… But the interior and ride quality, as well as the 500 horse power are something I really liked! I live in MD and I need the HOV sticker for commuting, which is another benefit. Will post pics soon!


Thanks for the comment! I see your name a lot in this forum. It is possible that the 1.9% is probably the promotion interest rate for those who placed an order last year. Not 100% sure… but the 1.9% is really nice. I was thinking about making a lump sum down payment and re-financing through BOA or something- now I don’t have to.


Not a lease :person_shrugging: There is a regular “garage” for this :slightly_smiling_face:

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Pics go here

I hope you know that the BMWFS rate is 3.99% and not 5.49%

Did you use passport BMW? I know they give decent prices but they markup the interest rates by 1-2%

I may be wrong but as far as I understand it is 5.49% for 72 months financing…

I shopped at a MD dealership :slight_smile: Passport does MSRP on most of the cars. iXs are not simply available in this area so I bought it.

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They do discounts but make it up with marked up interest rates. Offered 4k off an x3

is 4.49% for 72 months. Last month it was 3.99% for 72 months, i was locked in for it at that rate

from the bmw website
“Through August 01, 2022, 3.99% APR financing for up to 60 months on any new 2022 BMW iX xDrive50 model is available from participating BMW dealers to very well qualified customers who meet BMW Financial Services NA, LLC credit requirements.”

3.99 is for 60 months, I don’t know what is for 72 months but if there are no incentives to use BMWFS you can probably get 3% from some credit union. The point is that you have to be honest with yourself and compare your true cost with a lower rate than 5.49

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If dealer is taking outside finance that is.