BMW iX All-Electric SUV Discussion

i’m planning to buy a used luxury EV in the future, hopefully there will be better battery % checking methods once I get there.


Yes, that’s exactly it. The loyalty lease program likely offers a 39-month term with:
Same residual value (RV) as the standard 36-month lease.
Lower money factor, which can lead to a reduced monthly payment

How important is it to have DAP on the iX?

Is it something most of you use often?

In my opinion, being an iX owner for the past 15 months, the DAPP is the best feature. Next to that is the air suspension. However, if you are looking for a super cheap lease deal few of the models have both features. Even the base model is an amazing car, but be prepared to pay more and search through inventory if you want all the bells and whistles.

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I think it depends on the type of driving you do. I have both on the X5 and I almost never use either (caveat: Mine is a 2023 which is an older version of DAPP, the new one is better I’m sure but unless it can see around corners, it makes no difference to me). I’m kind-of shopping for an iX and if I were to spec a build I would not want either.

BMW’s scam is that you must get DAPP to get any kind of adaptive/radar cruise control. Almost every other car company will give you ACC standard and the other self driving stuff as an option. I can get occasional use out of just ACC, but I’m not going to buy the package just for that.


Really has nothing to do with the iX.

How important are DAP features to you? Personally I never use them but YMMV.

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Interestingly, on the 2025 i4, they now appear to be offering basic radar cruise apart from Driver Pro.


Speaking of which, after a year of ownership, driving to the Philly suburbs the other day I finally came across a stretch of road where the “Active drive assist plus” (or whatever the geo-fenced, more advanced version of DAPP is called) kicked in, pretty excited at first but it seems to do nothing than the regular one doesn’t, and also the icon on the screen disappears after a while so I guess it turned off even though I was still driving down the same road? Y’all are gonna get killed by the self driving shit I tell you hwat

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DAPP is a requirement for me. It works great in NJ, and up and down the east coast. Going true hands free at 80mph is a game changer that I use everytime I’m on the highway. I think it’s a solid value compared to what Tesla wants for EAP or FSD, which aren’t even hands-off systems. Given the SUV is $100K I don’t really see the $2700 cost that prohibitive. Also, the idrive 8.5 DAPP in the IX/I5 is far superior to the older versions I had in the X5 and I4. Those older systems do not have highway assist.

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Ok boys I joined the club.

I used the park assist and it went on a curb at the dealership, losing trust in any autonomous driving after, and ultimately passed on DAPP. Maybe I’ll trust it more when getting the next car.

-any of you tint yours?
-do i charge this to 80 or to 100?

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Charge it to 100 who cares


Latest IX software update has added remote parking to the BMW app. Gonna find a big empty parking lot to test this.

No update for I5 (yet?)

Dang… you messed up. DAPP is amazing in stop and go traffic or commutes. Way better than the Mercedes driving assist or Tesla autopilot.

Anyone know what package or option is needed for lumbar support (or max comfort) on the iX 50 seats? Would Multi-Functional seats suffice or need additional options?

I’d rather eat a bag of d’s than commute every day. So basically I might use it once a month maybe twice. And I would sit there clenching my teeth and freaked out it’ll hit someone. Even the lane change nudges drove me insane on the last car because they sucked on merging lanes. You need basketballs between your legs to trust self drive and I don’t have them it seems lol


So funny enough I looked in the connected drive store and there is some drive assist package there. I can’t figure out what it does. There’s also a park assist package but I had premium package so I assumed it already came with that, unless this adds extra benefits.

Tested this out in a tight driveway. It works


Anyone have experience where the center console outlet plug no longer works? I feel like it got shorted but I don’t know how to fix. I used the car’s tire pump and it randomly shut off. Now nothing works when plugged into it.