Bmw inventory - please email me before you contact the store

These are the current company cars I have in stock.

Please e-mail me first at

They may not be 100% accurate. It’s not an offer!


I may have some room in these cars. SO PLEASE contact me first.

All payments are 36 months/ 10k. 0-down.

  • First payment
  • Tax
  • Dealer fees (doc fee)
  • DMV

On approved credit.

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My BMWCCA 1 Year lands on Dec 05! Definitely will exercise benefit on that day.

PM sent. Please let me know asap. Thanks.

Any manuals on this list


BGNT72439 320 Manual with Sport, Drivers assistance and Navigation.



BGNA92743 340 6-spd

I’m in Los Angeles area- like small cars- preference “Green” exterior is first color preference- then “Blue”.

i3 is an option or a small sedan/coupe (Automatic)- only one in my household.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.

Excel spreadsheet would be nice :blush:


Looking for an X5M in case you have any leads! (Still trying to figure out how to PM…)

+1 for spread sheet format so we could sort. but thank you for posting this period. always good to get more data w/ hard numbers. thank you.

Or google drive file so we all can see if there are some changes in inventory!

WBA5A5C52GG347688 cannot be leased guys.

I accidentally put it on my sheet.

I will upload a spreadsheet.

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Im planning on leasing an I3 this weekend. Im in the LA area. Do you have any deals on those? (I didnt see them in the spreadsheets)…

any deals for New york ?

I’m interested in i3, too. Kind hope the residual value will get better next month.

I am interested in the 328i with the 56k msrp please pm me thank you


email sent two days ago asking about 4th car in spreadsheet, haven’t got response yet :pensive:

Didnt see any, but theres nothing to be lost by asking. Any i3 Rex?

I am having a hard time making the lease numbers work (assuming i am looking at the page correctly). Just as an example for BGNT84538 i believe your lease payment is $388/mo, while i am coming up with $334 per month same terms. Even with the MF market up to the max I get $361, am i not reading the sheet correctly?

I am in the Buffalo area. I am looking to lease a new BMW X1 xdrive

Willing to travel to Baltimore or NY area dealerships if there is a good deal… demo car is ok… new 2015 or 2016 or 2017 is ok…

Any suggestions on good deals would be appreciated. Looking to lease in the next few days. No trade.