Bmw incentives how they add up?

Someone I know that works at bmw told me basically that dealers buy the cars in such a way that there can be 11% taken off the MSRP without them going negative…

So now my question is that he also told me that you can qualify for an additional 1500 for working for a corporate company or something.

Long story short, he’s factoring that into the 11% when making the deal and saying that it’s not a rebate or anything it just enables them to go that low. Should he have been able to do 10-11% off before the corporate discount? It also comes worth a money factor reduction that brought it down to. 00120

He wants to make money. Try going directly to fleet sale manager

What do you mean? Is there a lot of money left? I don’t mind him making some money. He needs to feed the family but how much is the question.

my best guess would be that most dealers can go 11% no problem. try to always go at the least 15%

Ugh. Im in sales but auto sales is insane. It seems you can never meet an honest car sales person.

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Fixed that for you. :wink:

BMW, like most german brands do not advertise they incentives,

They run programs called “dealer cash” to offset the dealership on whatever they can sell the vehicle for.

For fleet sales as per the website, $1500 goes off from the MSRP and MF goes to 0.00120

So first get the MSRP discounted and later ask for fleet sale discount.

( Quoting from the website “An additional Corporate Fleet Incentive of $1,500 off MSRP and .00020 Lease Rate reduction applied. Offer valid through March 31, 2017 and may be combined with other offers unless otherwise stated” ) $2,500 Purchase Incentive off best negotiated price is available to select employers or member organizations that have partnered with BMW of North America, LLC. Models pictured in advertisements may be shown with metallic paint and/or additional equipment. Offer valid through March 31, 2017 and may be combined with other offers unless otherwise stated. ( for a 2 series )