BMW I8 Roadster Search

Hi guys,

Anyone in the market for i8 roadster search?

I am looking for ~$1200/mo 0 down. Is it attainable?


Here’s a new one for around 1300: SoCal BMW SPECIALS 320i, 530i, 330e, X3, 740i MSPORT, i8 Giga World

If you can find a demo (pretty rare), you might be able to get below 1200.

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Oh I am in East Coast.

Thanks for the info though. I think they will start to release some lease cash soon because they are not moving them… Every dealership has at least one of these nationwide.

yea, you should probably sit tight and wait a little

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$1000 is my target. So I should sit around for a while…

Oh no, not another pretty boy AJ thread …
$1k and i8 - pass the popcorn

Attainable for a coup. The reason it’s hard to get for convertible because theres a major Residual hit for all verts.

convt is what gets me the attention for i8. I think it might be possible with major discounts,.

I got a new BMW i8 Roadster 2019

1100 with 5k down including first month payment, 10k miles and 24 months.


You guys make me wish I was single. I kind of hate you all.


Well I am married and have a daughter. So you can still do it

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Your daughter will be popular with her friends


Got quoted 140k sales price and slightly marked up MF. They’ve been blowing up my phone for a week, I’d assume you can get much better sales price.

Oh my god… you don’t know what you don’t know…

All of a sudden a new player has joined the game.

I’ll have to go to the dealership and see if they’ll let me install my kids seats into one :joy:

Good luck with the roadster pal. Got mine a few wks ago. Sign up for BMW cca 3yrs for $134 and they will send you a $1500 rebate. I’m waiting on mine…BTW I have a wife and 3 kids, I love that I can only take 1 of them.Haaaaaaa!!!


just signed up for that. Thanks

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Hello, is this deal still available? I am in immediate market.
Sincerely Marcel Kozak

I have a white/cognac available

Had to quote our Oracle. Balls dropped…