BMW i8 Lease Search

Good afternoon,

After spending several months trying to leasehack a Ghibli S it all came to no avail. The best offer I got on a piece of paper was a 1,000 a month for a 85k MSRP car personally. I also got another offer for 800$ a month thanks to Brett on here but I did not take it quick enough. So I have recently decided if I’m going to pay over 1k for a car it needs to be something over 100k MSRP and so now I’m going to switch over and look at BMW i8. I’ve already test drove one last week and really liked it alot. It’s very quick, has a backseat, and is great on gas mileage. So I’m going to start a journey to leaseback it.

I’ve gotten an offer over two months ago on an i8 that I thought was pretty aggressive but I had my eyes set on the Ghibli and was working with a broker. Retroactively thinking I should’ve took the deal. Below is the terms of that aggressive i8 Deal:

2017 BMW i8

MSRP: 146, 595
Discount: 20,607
Sales Price: 125,988
Aftermarkets: 695

Customer Cash: 2,007.57
Total Rebates: 2,465.00
Total Cash and Rebates: 4,472.57

Due On Delivery: 2,007.57

Payment: 1216-1226
Term: 36 Months, 10k Miles

Location: Metro Atlanta

So my goal is to emulate this deal or get even better. So my question for the people here is what BMW dealerships have you worked with that seem to have aggressive deals? Please let me know and I will reach out. I’m located in Atlanta, Georgia.


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Have you tried contacting this dealer?



I heard a rapper in Florida just returned one, might be able to get a good deal on it. Might have some brain matter and bullet holes in it though.


too soon dude that is just cold…


I believe you are referring to XXXTENTACION -

Fcker Beck? What a name for a dealer


Ashley Schaeffer BMW might be your best bet.


Here you can stop looking.

But what fun that would be?

this here seems like a good idea

Come on. He wants it for 1k/mo and an all new car :smirk:

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Yep, along these lines.

I’ve reached out regarding that lease. It’s pending already so I can’t put in an application. Thanks for that. -Edit- the other person has already gotten approved. Car is not available anymore

Also for the Maserati dealership in New Jersey. I’ve contacted them and we will see how the numbers will look.

There are plenty more where that came from.

Paying over mileage @ 20 cents/mi would cost you only $2k for 10k more miles.

Thanks for that. I wonder if it’s actually available. Whenever I’ve reached out for i8 deals on Swapalease 1200-1250 they somehow all have applications in place.

Thanks for the find.

Or just buy a used one. A reasonably low mileage i8 can be had for under $80k and I doubt they’ll depreciate down to $40k in only three years. There has been absolutely no changes to the car. You’ll still need to study gymnastics to get in and out, and there are still no blind spot monitors on a $150k car with huge blindspots.

Look I probably had the same thought process as you when I got my current car. The only thing an i8 and a Ghibli has in common is they’re both flashy cars that look more expensive than they actually are. I too was set on an i8 until I rented one for a couple of days and realized how impractical it is, then I ended up getting a Ghibli. It’s not as flashy as the i8 but it’s far less annoying to live with and it’s still a expensive looking “look at me I have money” car to most people, especially in Georgia.

Just think about how much you really want the i8 before you spend another six months searching.

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Thanks for the advice. So you understand exactly where I’m coming from. I’ve thought about buying a used BMW i8. No way it can depreciate 50k more in three years. But I wonder what maintanence on those bad boys are?

Thanks for the post it’s been very informative. If I can get a Ghibli deal before pulling the trigger on a i8 then I’ll take it. Just seems to me they aren’t budging at all on anything.