BMW i8 Lease, price?

Not sure if this deal is good or not? read this on a slickdeals forum.

"First I would like to ask all to please be kind.

There are fantastic deals to be had on 2015 i8s. Recently, BMW just increased their residuals on these cars from 57% to 61% for a 3year/10K mile lease. BMW has saturated the US with i8s and many dealers still have many 2015s on their lot as well as 2016s. There are dealers willing to make off with huge discounts in order to get rid of their 2015 models. 2016 and 2015 models are identical aside from new laser lights that only are visible in high beams. If you visit i8 forums [] you will also notice others getting fantastic discounts. Shoot for $23,000+ off MSRP. I recently made a deal in Alabama. My car’s MSRP is $149K and with $0 down my payments are $1200/month for 36months 10K/year. I have also seen someone else get their payments below $1000 with MSD and some money down.

I will also include a Map [] of dealers still offering 2015 stock. So target these dealerships. Again, I know this car is not for everyone and leasing may not be for everyone, but this is a deal forum, and this is definitely a slick deal. Happy hunting!"

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Great job on that lease!! The i8 is an incredible supercar and your deal is nothing short of fantastic. I recently purchased an Alfa Romeo 4C coupe launch edition and definitely had my eye on the i8. But my local dealer (Pacific BMW) was asking over MSRP. When I balked, they said they could “let it go for around window.” On top of that, their lease rate made the payment north of $2k with substantial drive offs and 5k miles per year.

I’m thrilled with my 4C but had I been able to wrangle your deal, I might have a different supercar in my garage.