BMW I5 - it’s here

M3/M4 still looks as horrible as the day they debuted it. Throw up in the mouth inducing every time I see one driving towards me.


The Bangle-era BMWs were nasty b/c of the detailing, not b/c of the silhouettes (which were actually quite nice). Strangely, I think they have generally aged much better than most designs from the same time period (prob b/c they have been so influential – for better or worse).

That 5-series had a very nice general shape. My main issue was w/ the design of the headlight housing, incl the side blinders (which I thought were truly offensive and disgusting).

Agree. EPA classification is based on interior capacity, so we’ll see how this gets classified. It hasn’t mid-sized for awhile, though. I imagine the next 3-series will grow to fill in the void, alas.

To be fair, if you live in DFW, you’re far more likely to have your own charger.

I’m more upset by the interior. I’m hoping they’ll cave and at least add the HVAC buttons back. iDrive 8 is fine, but it’s a PITA as soon as you want to adjust the temperature or make some small change that now required several screen taps.

Nope. Too expensive to have physical controls for things.

Yeah but with the M60 in cold weather if that EPA range drops by just 30%, you’re at 175 miles.

So they announced the gas 5 today and looks like there is only a 530 option?

theres a 540 as well

For some reason I didn’t see it anywhere on the BMWUSA page

I guess they’re being suspenseful by announcing one engine a day…

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