BMW i4 edrive35 lease

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Custom Order
2023 BMW i4 edrive35

Msrp - 57570$
Sell price - 54445 (5.41%)
Residual - 55%
MF - .00225
Lease 36/10
Monthly - 596$
Das - 3444$ (First month, acquisition, dealer and government fees)
Incentives - 8500$ (ev credit and new grad)


Congrats on the car and for graduating!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Money factor is marked up but otherwise looks good

Just got an allocation for a i35 as well
Mrsp 58570
Selling price 55200
Residual 54%
MF 0.000185
Lease 36/12
Monthly $604
Due on delivery first month (604$) plus cash cap reduction 1,365 (2k total)
Rebate saving $7500 + no Tax .
Coming in April.


Doesn’t look to bad.


Can’t wait until these are loaners and we start seeing double digit discounts.

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I can’t get this deal to calculate in a way that makes sense, is this an MD dealer? If not they might have your MD tax situation (6% on selling price upfront) incorrect:


I got it a little closer, because the incentives aren’t taxed, but something still isn’t correct:

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If his deal is real and correct, then it’s better than he thinks it is, but I’d be a bit concerned if I was him about a surprise “we did the taxes wrong” when it comes time to pick up, if this isn’t an MD dealer.


I’m even factoring in the MD taxes and I still can’t get the monthly as low as he has it. I agree since the taxes will be a huge surprise to the tune of over $1,000.

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This is my one pay lease numbers
Custom Order
2023 BMW i4 edrive35

Msrp - 56345$
Sell price - 54845 (2.7%)
Residual - 54%
One Pay lease amount : $25660.47 (including taxes(7%)/1.0, acquisition, dealer and government fees)
Incentives - 7500$ (ev credit and new grad)

Sounds like a number we could beat.

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What’s the specific $7500 EV Credit from, BMW?

Multiple dealers have given me a sell price of $50,000.

Can you give me a lease quote for i4 in 94538 zip. Loyalty+college grad may apply along with $7500

There is no loyalty on the i4, just fyi.

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Looking to custom order an i4 as well. Anyone have references for California?

Contact @BMW_Dave


Yes from BMW, for lease only