BMW i3 rex lease updated/signed 11/27

Selling price: $43872
MF 0.00082 then 7 MSDs
$7500 lease
$3000 loyalty
$1000 new grad
$1000 OL code
$3000 cap cost reduction ( will recover with post sale rebate crvp $2000 sce $1000)

RV 12k at 30months( sweet spot)

DAS: $4050 ( $3000 + $1050)

Monthly pmt : $141 incl 10.25% tax included
Monthly payment

Leasehackr score 34

In theory, any discount is possible – provided taking a big loss on a unit works in the interest of that particular dealership at that particular time. Whether it’s reasonable or likely is harder to judge.

If I were shopping for an i3 in Southern California now, sure, I’d target 11% but would be prepared to accept 8-10% off MSRP at buy rate, if that’s the best I can get.

BMW’s invoice is 6% below MSRP, so any discount greater than that becomes a negative gross margin deal (assuming no back-end profit). It just becomes a question – how much more does that dealer want to lose to sell you a car (and reach their volume target)?


Just look at some of the brokers spreadsheets. Usually it’s less than 10% pre-incentive because they pass the entire Fed tax credit to the lessee.

Yea i have been previously offered 10% off on ordered i3 back in october but i wasnt quiet ready to get one. I agree with you all, it all depends how much they are willing to take the damage. i3s are not famous cars in their line ups so I was hoping for 11% given the fact that it is end of year time around now

Thanks for your feedbacks happy thanksgiving

Update: surprisingly, it wasnt too hard to get 11% before incentives. Nothing is confirmed yet and i am well aware dealer’s game to screw you over one way or the other but they sounded pretty legit as far as the impression i got over the phone.

I repeatedly asked if it is 11% off msrp before any possible incentives and they said yes.

I am going to the dealership on Friday to wrap it up

I have over 16k incentives hopefully ill be able to apply them all ($7500 lease $3000 loyalty $1000 new grad $1000 OL code $2000 CVRP $1000 edison and $500 penfed - this might not be combinable with OL code)

With max MSDs my payment should be around $160 with tax included ill keep everyone posted

CVRP and Edison are post sale rebates. They will not be included at point of sale.


Before going in, I’d suggest getting an actual lease quote, rather than just a promise of 11% off MSRP and buy-rate. Saves both you and the dealer some time.

Reach out to @BMW_Dave with very honest guy.

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Correct, will use it as cap cost reduction out of my pocket first then apply post sale

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Yea good idea, this dealership is located on the way to work, so geographically convenient to stop by to face their game and what not lol

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Ok thank you
ill reach out to him and see but they dont have any I3 rex with msrp under 50k :confused:

Does anyone know if lease program ended for 2020 i3? I dont see it on bmw website it says no lease offer along with many other 2020MY line ups

So they agreed the below breakfown, i am pushing them to give me full $1000 ol code incentive. Probably not going to sign unless they give full $1000

2020 bmw i3 rex
MSRP: $49295
Agreed selling price: 11% off msrp $43872
Money factor: 0.00082
Adjusted money factor with 7 multiple security deposits: 0.00047
Residual value: 56% 12/year
$7500 lease
$3000 loyalty
$1000 new grad
$500OL code instead of $1000
$500 military discount ( type J) not combinable with OL code which i knew but tried

Additional $3000 out of pocket capcost reduction and will apply post sale rebate for $3000 from sce and cvrp

Payment is $165 including 10.25% tax in 91030

Total due at signing $3000 + $1400 ( multiple security deposits) = $4400

Did you plug the numbers in the calculator? They are essentially treating the $3000 as down payment. Lease support for 2020 usually ends in mid year 2021. I remember some calculator for i3 have similar payment to yours for 6 or 7% pre incentive discounts. What if the car is totaled after you take delivery. You will lose the 3000 and might not get your rebates.

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Yea did put in the calculator. Well aware of downside of cash capcost reduction in lease and i never do. The Only reason why i am doing is because i am getting post sale rebate for the same amount

I just gave the dealership the final proposal of honoring full $1000 with 11% off msrp

We will see what they say

If the dealer don’t participate in the OL they might reduce sales price further. One time in SoCal they wouldn’t give me the 500 for Costco because dealer said car was a loaner I signed anyways because the deal was decent. The CVRP program had changed. There is a life time cap now so just make sure if you have used it before. Good luck

Yea this is the dealership who has given me the code for “drive to end the hunger” event I also have an ultimate driving event code which is also ol and $500 so i figure $500 has to come out of dealers anyway

I’ve never used the cvrp before Thanks for the heads up!!

Finally came to an agreement
Here is their calculation which matches the same as my calculation

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Congrats post pics!

Signed above, $10 cheaper for 30month instead of 36