BMW I3 lease Return

I’m returning my i3 leased car based on maturity date. My tires needs to be changed. Also I need to do some repairs for few scratches. Few questions:

  1. I have a lease insurance. Do I need to change my tires? If so, does it matter what tires I get?
  2. I assume lease insurance only covers wear and tear not dings and scratches. Do you recommend to fix it before return?
  3. what else do you recommend for the lease return?

Thank you!

i3 tire selection is pretty limited, I believe only Bridgestone. front and rear are different width and are not cheap. Have the car inspected to get a better idea what is needed and what is not.

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There are many different programs and no one here knows what you bought or what is covered; best you check your documents to determine what is covered and what is not. That due diligence will save you hundreds of $, if not more.

As noted, get a lease return inspection (per BMWFS guidelines and not just from any dealer) and you can then determine your next course of action.


Thanks. Does it have to be the original?

Thanks. Where do you get the BMWFS guidelines inspection?

It should be accessible in your BMWFS portal.
Otherwise, you can call them for it. They should have sent you mail/email for it too.