BMW i3 lease deal

I’ve got an offer for a 2015 i3 rex Giga.
MSRP $48,745
Discount $6,757
Special Price $41,988
30 Months 10k a year:
Total out of pocket: $8,878 ( you will get back $2,500 from the state of California)
Monthly payment: $69 + Tax

Seems like a good deal to me, though the down payment is pretty high. Thoughts?


Assuming 9% tax, total cost is $8,878 + (29*$69*tax) - $2,500, or $8,553. That amounts to $285/month, which is great for a $49K car.

However, we do not recommend such a high drive-off amount. If your car is totaled, you could lose that amount. It’s better to roll those drive-off costs into the monthly payment.

Also look into using Multiple Security Deposits (MSD), which will lower the money factor rate. Unlike a down payment, MSDs are fully refundable at lease-end.

Let us know how it works!

Thanks for the reply!

I’ve got another offer that has a lower down payment with higher monthly payments. The total cost is slightly higher.

At any rate, I’m doing the ‘extended test drive’ to really get a feel for the car.

Thanks again for the input and the very useful lease calculator!

I called a few BMW dealership and ask if they can match that front page i3 lease deal for $130/mo and they all laughed at me. Was that deal even real?

Deals are aggressive on the i3 especially when 2015s are still being trucked to the dealers door everyday.

However it’s best to understand that if you didn’t do the ultimate driving events earlier this year then you can’t make up that $1000 bucks. Please note the recent SoCal dealer sponsored drive events incentive is not honored by all dealers. Good luck getting the hosting dealer to help you on getting a code to shop at another dealership.

Also the college graduate program cash is for people about to graduate or recent grad (+/- one year)

Can you share the offer you accepted

My dealer is saying there is no 30 month lease option. Only 24 and 36 (residuals of 59/53% respectively).

Maybe you should point them to BMW’s webpage…

Not on the east coast unfortunately :confused:

My friend was given this quote … I am new to leasing. For all the gurus … how is this deal ?

BMW – i3 - Range Extender
Arravani Gray w/BMW i Frozen Blue Accent
Parking Assistance Package

MSRP – $ 48245
Dealer Invoice - $ 42637
Incentives – $ 10,500 (Rebate Cash(7500) + Holiday Adder (2000) + Inventory Clear2015 (1000))
Down Payment - $0
Acquisition Fee - $ 925
Net Cap Cost - $ 33,062
Residual – 59%
Miles – 12K / year
Months – 30
Money Factor – 0.00131
MSD (Security Deposit) – 7
Money Factor after MSD – 0.00082
Doc Fee - $ 80
Lic/Reg Fee - $ 400
Sales Tax – 10% (approx.)
Monthly before tax - $ 204
Monthly after tax - $ 224

Drive Off - $ 3,512
1st Month incl tax - $ 224
Down Payment - $ 0
Reg / Doc fee - $ 480
Total MSD Payments - $ 1750
Tax on Cap reduction + Fees - $ 1,058

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That’s excellent. If you factor in the $2,500 state rebate, it becomes $121/month before tax. Crazy!

Which dealer? That’s amazing!

I got this quote from a dealership. He said he applied 7.5k + 2k Holiday Adder + 1k College however, I only see $8,500 in rebates and 11k in cap reduction. Is this correct?

If so, I think the leasehackr calculator is not working correctly. I get around a $50 monthly payment with the calc. MSD is $1,400 vs $700 on the calc which may be the difference.

The 11k cap reduction comes from $8500 rebate + $2500 cash cap reduction (down payment).

I am getting the same monthly payment and MSD on the calculator. The dealer did not list a doc fee but there is a total upfront/acq fee which is not taxed, so I included it in the License/Registration Fee field:

Thanks Violette.

Do you think he didn’t include the $2,000 Holiday Adder Cash incentive then?

7.5k + 2k Holiday Adder + 1k College = 10.5k

I had $10,500 for my taxable incentives when I used the calculator.

It seems he is only including the 7.5k Fed Credit + 1k College?

Hi dmchanmaster,

The selling price likely already includes the Holiday Adder. Unlike the $7,500 Lease Cash, which is an itemized rebate, the Holiday Adder is a manufacturer-to-dealer incentive. The upside of this is that it’s not taxed.

$154/month including tax with $1,518 drive-off (once you account for the CVRP and MSD) is epic for a $48K car!

Thanks for the explanation Michael! Awesome site you both have started here.

I just got this offer for an i3 lease, it looks pretty high, would you comment please!

And here is another offer

30 months
$46800 sale price
MSRP $52095
Doc fee $250
Acquisition fee $925
Tax 7%
Residual 57%
Residual value $29694
Rate 0.00156
Total due $1000

24 months; 10000 miles per year; $1000 total due; with trade $705 total payment
30 months; 10000 miles per year; $1000 total due; with trade $622 total payment
36 months; 10000 miles per year; $1000 total due; with trade $597 total payment

If you check BMW of SF they have a lease deal for 30 months, one time payment of 7k. Includes all fees and taxes.

I wonder if this is a good deal or if this has room for negotiation.