BMW i3 - Lease 2014, 2015 or 2016?

I am still in the market for a BMW i3. I missed the boat on all the deals in Nov/Dec on the 2015’s and just haven’t been wowed by anything I’ve been offered recently on the remaining 2015 or 2016’s.

I just had a dealer message me on a brand new 2014 they received. Does anyone have any numbers as to what would be an amazing or even attainable deal on a 2014? Its it even worth it? Off the bat i was offered 16% off MSRP, but i have no knowledge of the other incentives that may still be available on this car.

Thank you

What are you being offered? I’m in the market as well and would love a current reference point.

16% off MSRP. Unfortunately I just found out it is missing one option that I need, so i didn’t dig any deeper.
I was offered 15% off MSRP off a 2016 yesterday, so I’m not seeing this “amazing deal” on the 2014 they claim it to be, seeing its a 2 +year old car at this point.

I was told by one sales manager that there are currently some back-end incentives that are not as visible on the consumer side that can be applied as well to the 2016 pricing. I am guessing that is how he got to 15% off MSRP on the 2016, however I am not sure exactly what those incentive potentially can total. Is anyone in the know of this? I believe the consumer facing incentive for the 2016’s are now at $1,000.

Thank you

Yeah I just test drove a 2016 model.

The dealer seemed to want to play ball when I talked about 15% off. There’s a couple of dealerships in socal that still have 2015’s in stock. I’m wondering if their prices will be much lower than the 2016s.

Also what’s the deal with the loaner program for these cars? I went to one dealership here and they had no idea what I was talking about. I thought these cars got 14 days of loaner cars for extended trips.

I believe the 2015 models still have a $1000 greater incentive from BMW, but i cannot get a dealer to outline exactly what the current programs are for with 15 or 16’s, which is frustrating. It is hard to determine how good of a “deal” they are truly offering if I can’t digest the numbers they are giving me.
I was shocked in Feb/March that the dealers were not really pushing the 2015’s, especially seeing the 16’s were on the lot. Unfortunately it seems the 2015s left are pretty scarce. I would think with the 2017’s production starting soon, the incentives and deals will hopefully change for the 2016 models and make the lease prices a bit more enticing.

I do not have any knowledge about the loaner program, but from what i read online it seems to vary by dealer if they participate or not.

Does anyone else have any insight as to upcoming incentives for these cars?

Current Lease incentives on a 2015 are:

64% residual on 24 months
58% 36 months
Both are for 10k a year.
$7500 lease credit
$2000 Buildout cash- some cars (if they were already marked sold “Punched cars” this should have been already applied)

So $9500 just to lease the car + you should get 8% off.

There are no lease specials on a 2014.

2016’s are exactly the same residuals only $7500 in lease cash and $1000 option credit

I would recommend a former loaner car. Or if y ou’re in So Cal… I can hook you up with a deal at either Long Beach BMW, Beverly Hills BMW or BMW of Monrovia. Which ever you would prefer.

This one is about $200 a month with tax. 24 months/ 10k a year.

Feel free to contact me at


I am located in SoCal, what deals can you get me from Long Beach of BMW for an i3 Rex?



email me your contact information and I will have the manager give you a call.

They don’t have any loaners available, only new cars.