BMW i3 help pls

Hello hackrs,
I’ve come to you, the lords of leasing, to ask for some help…
I want to lease a new BMW i3 Rex no options, I got a quote from a dealer for $41151… I have no idea what to do from here I can put a max of $2000 in deposit. I do. Not qualify for the military or student incentives. I used the calculator but I think I’m doing something wrong cause it’s giving me a really low monthly payment… any help would be appreciated. This is my first time leasing a car so I am not to familiar with how the incentives and stuff works. I’ll attatch a photo of the quote. Please help me figure out what The lowest monthly would be, I live in soCal. Also if you could explain how you go about bargaining all this stuff to the dealer to get a better price that would also be helpful. Thx.

Turns out that that price includes a 7500 rebate…

Please ask for the MSRP, Selling Price, Money Factor, Residual Value from the dealer and share them here so we can help you. Also, if you work for a company, go check with your HR see if you qualify for the Corporate Fleet Program.

Technical term is $2,000 in MSDs (Multiple Security Deposits)